Ages: 19+

Masters XC


Sovereign Lake Nordic Club is excited to offer the very popular Masters Program again for the 2016/17 season that is organized and lead largely by volunteers. SLNC is partnering with the BC Masters Association to provide a unique product to our Masters Participants. The goal of the program is to introduce more Adults (19+ yr) to the joys of cross country skiing through a social, organized support network. All participants must be SLNC Season Pass Holders. The program cost is $50!

Want to get more focussed training opportunities and professional coaching?  Join us on Wednesday mornings from 9-11:00am with Dudley Coulter, recent National level athlete, Cross Country BC staff member and U35 Program Leader. 

3 weekly sessions available:

  • Wednesday Mornings (9:00-11:00am) Coached by Dudley Coulter
  • Wednesday Evenings (6:30-8:00pm) Coached by Volunteer Leaders
  • Sunday Morning (10:00am-12:00) Coached by Volunteer Leaders

 For XC Masters please pay your $50 Program Fee at the till in the lodge. You are required to be a SLNC Pass holder to take part in our XC Masters Program. Please provide counter staff with your Full Name as well as your Email Address so we can match your Program Registration to your Membership Information.  

If you have questions regarding this program please contact our Programs Coordinator ([email protected]) for more information. 

Program Details

Nov 19- Mar 25
Total # of Sessions

Dudley Coulter

  • Recently retired National Training Centre Athlete
  • Athlete Development Coordinator at Cross Country BC
  • CANSI and NCCP certified coach and Instructor
  • U35 Program Leader and Senior Instructor at SLNC

Pat Pearce

  • World Champion Master Skier, many times over!
  • Educational background includes kinesiology.
  • Experienced cross country ski coach.

Mike Bell

  • Olympic coaching experience.
  • Educational background includes exercise physiology.
  • Super Camp coach.

Gerry Breneman

  • 30 years of coaching high school cross country running and track and field
  • 40 years of competitive cross country skiing and running
  • CANSI level II certified instructor

Shirley Pommier

  • Has competed at 7 Masters World Cups.
  • Level ll CANSI, TD, and Coach certifications.
  • Have Taught and coached at Laurentian University, nordic clubs, and Masters Camps.
  • Fitness and Lifestyle Management Diploma.
  • Firth Award recipient.

Wednesday Mornings

Time: 9:00-11:00 am


9-9:20 am Warm Up
9:20 Meet in Stadium @ Tech Building to organize groups
9:30-10:45 Training Activity of the Day
10:45 Cool Down
11:00 Meet in the lodge for post-work out nutrition with the group

Wednesday Evening

Time: 6:30-8:00 pm (An Alternative to the Wednesday morning)


6:30 – 6:50pm Warm Up
6:50 Meet in Stadium in front of Tech Building
7:00-7:45 Training Activity of the Day
7:45-8:00 Cool Down
8:00pm Meet in lodge for post-work out nutrition with the group

Sunday Morning

Time: 10:00-12:00


10:00-10:20 Warm Up
10:20 Meet in front of the Tech Building for instructions
10:30 Training Activity of the Day*
11:45 Cool Down
12:00  Meet in lodge for post-work out nutrition with the group

 *Activity will be designed to raise your heart rate in a challenging event (ie team relay) or a long slow ski will always be an option for participants.


All Master members will receive messages on Mondays and Fridays advising of training plans of the upcoming sessions

What is SLNC Masters about?

It’s summed up in the three Fs

Fitness, you don’t have to be very fit to join Masters but participation will help you to raise the bar.

Form, you will learn to ski more efficiently.

Friendly, all happens in a friendly environment.

What it’s not

It’s not boot camp, as in rigorous and intense training sessions. There is that element for those who want it but the focus is on recreational skiing with some attention to technique. It’s not structured, skill development sessions. There is little or no repetitive skill drills.

Goals of the SLNC Masters Program

  • To provide the structure and support whereby club members have the means to raise their level of fitness and to improve their skiing proficiency.
  • To provide training sessions which will be effective in improving levels of fitness for all program participants.
  • To provide support for those who want to compete
  • Keep all participants well informed of all events and activities
  • What’s More,
  • The fee, $50. SLN Masters is the best program for the money in the country, bar none. Included in the fee is BC Masters membership.
  • The program is club and membership based, organized and delivered by club members.
  • Technical support for certain sessions will be led by Dudley Coulter, former Junior National Team Member and a member of SLNC Staff

New Initiatives for 2017

  • To strongly encourage recreational, club, skiers to participate in SLN Masters.
  • To offer a few speaker sessions over the course of the season.
  • To provide small group, technique sessions by representatives of BC Masters.
  • To organize 3 social events.
  • Focus training for competitive skiers on key events.
  • To provide no-fee instruction on technique from a qualified staff member, on weekly a basis