Maps & Trails

The trails are marked with colour coded signs, located at trail heads and junctions, indicating the degree of difficulty to be expected in skiing them.

Map showing distances from intersection to intersection to calculate exactly how many kms you have skied.


Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre Ski Trail Map

This map is for internet purposes only. If you would like a printed version, there are maps in the lodge for your convenience.


The trails are operated on a user pay system. Tickets must be purchased at the ticket office before entering the trail system. Season passes are also available. Click here for current rates


  • WOODLAND BELL: 4.0 km loop is our most skied trail with perfect terrain for you and your family.
  • SOVEREIGN: 1.4 km loop is an easy trail with a couple of fun little hills.
  • HALF SOVEREIGN: 1 km is an easy loop around the lake, great fun for your first time out.
  • WYLIE’S LOOP:1 km loop is another perfect place for your little ones.
  • PASSMORE: 3.3km loop is the most challenging of the easy loops with a fun downhill to finish it off.
  • NORTHERN LIGHTS: 3.5km loop utilizes parts of Passmore and Wylie’s loop connecting them through the stadium. Enjoy skiing in the evening under the warm glow of the lights.


  • BLACK PRINCE: 5.6km loop offering a moderate downhill run including a couple of thrilling corners. After the Black Prince cabin the invigorating climb will get your heart going. The additional 1.3km loop from the cabin toward Lars Taylor features a steep climb followed by an exhilarating downhill.
  • MAID OF VERNON: loop offers ideal rolling, curvy terrain.
  • CARL WYLIE: 6.8km loop is guaranteed to be a new favorite; designed by Carl’s son. It is a great way to experience Black Prince cabin as well as some scenic views of the Shuswap Valley. It is the perfect sunset ski.


  • ABERDEEN/LARS TAYLOR: 12.5km loop leads to the summit of Silver Star Mtn. Enjoy great views of the Vernon Valley and an exhilarating downhill on the return to the Lodge. (Access to Silver Star Mountain Resort)
  • LARS TAYLOR/ABERDEEN: 12.5km loop is the slightly harder way over the mountain with a challenging climb to the summit and fun downhill on the Aberdeen side. (Access to Silver Star Mountain Resort)
  • SILVER QUEEN: 9.9km loop is a true wilderness experience connecting Black Prince to the Prince of Wales trail with one long, fun downhill and a long rolling uphill
  • PRINCE OF WALES: 4.5km Loop offers an exciting downhill followed by a relaxing, rolling climb back to the lodge.
  • The “Zuma’s” start at the far end of the stadium and offer what many consider to be the best terrain around. These trails are characterized by fun downhills which lead seamlessly into invigorating uphill.
  • MONTEZUMA: 2.3km loop offers fun and challenging downhill linked to a vigorous climb.
  • MONTEZUMA’S REVENGE: 2.3km is a great additional loop (starts and ends at the same place) with amazing humps, bumps and curves.
  • WHITE ELEPHANT: 5.2km loop is the longest of the Zuma’s with the same great terrain.
  • GOLD MOUNTAIN: 4.5km is the most direct connection to Silver Star Mountain Resort.


The following courtesies will help everyone enjoy their day:

  • Ski on trails which suit your ability
  • Stay on marked trails
  • Ski in direction indicated and obey all signs
  • Ski to the right on two-way trails
  • Move off the trail when taking a break. Don’t obstruct others
  • For the safety of your pet, please keep dogs off the trails at all times
  • Please do not walk on ski trail