Trail Report

Call Snow Phone
  • 19 KM

    19 KMTotal

Novice Open Last Groomed Notes
Wylie's Loop Open Today
Woodland Bell Open Today
Sovereign Open Today
Passmore Open Today
Northern Lights Open Today
Jessica's Trail Open 2+ Days Ago
Half Sovereign Open Today
Comin' Round the Mountain Open Today
  • 15 KM

    15 KMTotal

Intermediate Open Last Groomed Notes
Maid of Vernon Open Today
Carl Wylie Trail Open Today
Black Prince Open Yesterday
  • 57 KM

    57 KMTotal

Advanced Open Last Groomed Notes
White Elephant Open Today
Upper World Cup Open Today
The "Zuma's" Open Today
Silver Queen Open Today
Prince of Wales Open Today
Montezuma's Revenge Open Today
Montezuma Open Today
Lower World Cup Open 2+ Days Ago
Lars Taylor Way / Aberdeen Open Today
Lars Taylor Open Today
Gold Mountain Open Today Done by 10am
  • 27 KM

    27 KMTotal

Snow Shoe Open Last Groomed Notes
Wild Goose Open
White Rabbit Open
Trapline Open
Ridgeline Open
Hidden Meadow Open
Cabin Fever Open
  • 13 KM

    13 KMTotal

Backcountry Open Last Groomed Notes
Upper Kennedy Open
Powder Queen Open
Passmore Connector Open
Mystery Express Open
Lower Kennedy Open
Coyote Caper Open
Beth's Trail Open
Alder Trail Open