Mask Mandates Ease Effective March 11, 2022

It has been two years since our doors were closed and all activities at our club were canceled. The past two seasons have been hard on everyone and we are all extremely excited to hear that our world will be returning to some sense of normalcy again very soon. The first step in that process will be launching on March 11th at 12:01 am.

While mask restrictions are easing there is still Proof of Vaccination requirements in place until April 8th, just two days prior to our closing date. This will affect a few things at the club.

Here is the quick and dirty on what restrictions will remain in place for the duration of the season, and what will be easing effective immediately.


What restrictions will ease:

* There will no longer be mask requirements for the general public using any of our INDOOR facilities. This includes programs participants, equipment renters, and the general public.

* All outbuildings such as the Black Prince Cabin, Wax Cabin, and Old Daylodge no longer have any occupancy capacity or mask mandate requirements.

* We will still have masks available should anyone wish to use one when entering the main lodge.


What restrictions will stay in place:

* All lodge staff will continue to wear masks until the end of the season. Our staff feels safer keeping masks on currently in the early phases of mask mandate easing. Please respect their decision to continue wearing masks.

* All plexiglass barriers will remain in place for the duration of the season.

* We will continue to clean our lodge at a higher level than pre-pandemic levels.

* There will be NO indoor seating for the remainder of the winter.

* All patrons of SLNC must continue to complete daily personal health checks. If you are feeling unwell, stay away.


There will be zero tolerance for any harassment of staff or members of the public wishing to still wear masks.

Thank you so much for continuing to keep our community safe. We must thank the club Health and Safety Committee for their proactive approach to public safety the last two winters and an extra big thank you to all of our staff who came to work every day keeping our ski club open for all to use.


Troy Hudson

SLNC General Manager