PB400 Snowcat Campaign

Sovereign Lake Nordic Club is blessed with having a long ski season, exceptional snow quality, moderate temperatures and extraordinary groomed trails. As a volunteer-driven club, we have strived to provide a world-class Nordic Skiing experience for all ages and abilities, at an affordable price.

Grooming 54km of trails daily not only requires a great grooming team but also top-notch equipment. Wear and tear on our high mileage grooming equipment has reached the point where maintenance costs and downtime have impacted our ability to groom our trails to the standards that our members and guests expect.

Traditionally, we have purchased used alpine area snow groomers that are halfway through their lifespan to fit our budgets. This strategy has led to higher maintenance costs and inefficiencies in our operations. A used groomer also has a limited lifespan and an unknown history.

Moreover, there have been significant advancements to Grooming Technology. Having moved away from hydraulics to electronics, new groomers, such as the PB-400 are more efficient to operate, maintain and are substantially more environmentally friendly with reduced emissions and fuel consumption. Their expected lifespan is on average 10-11,000 hours. This equates to roughly 7+ yrs when used in conjunction with a second machine.

When all is taken into consideration a new snow groomer is the best investment.

A new PistenBully 400 groomer costs $450,000. This amount is beyond what we have been able to put aside in our capital reserve funds alone. We must initiate this fundraising campaign now in order to ensure delivery in time for the start of the 2019-20 season.

Consequently, we are launching a capital fund campaign in an effort to raise the required funds from donations from our members and community at large.

The campaign will run from now to the end of April 2019.


If you would like to receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation then you will need to donate via cheque or credit card payment directly to BC Park Enhancement Fund.


  1. Cheques need to be payable to Minister of Finance PEF – with a reference on the cheque stating, “Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre Partnership. If you pay BC Parks by cheque and donate $25 or more,  they will mail you a tax receipt at year-end.
  2. Please mail your cheque to BC Parks (attn: Melissa Quin), PO Box 9398, Stn Prov Govt, Victoria, BC,  V8W 9M9. Or, mail directly to us at SLNC (PO Box 1231, Vernon BC, V1T 6N6) so we can forward to BC Parks.


Online Credit Card Payments.

If you do an online credit card payment to BC Parks, for $25 or more, you will receive a tax receipt immediately upon completing the donation. Go to the Parks Enhancement Fund Donations Portal at https://apps.nrs.gov.bc.ca/pub/pefp/DonationForm.jsp?projectNumber=123

You will see: 

Project Name Description Park Name
Silver Star Park – Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre Partnership Donations to BC Parks partner, the Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre, for the benefit of the park. Silver Star Park

Click on the DONATE button and enter your information as required.


Donations to Sovereign Lake Nordic Center when no Tax Receipt is needed.

  1. Pay by cheque made payable to “Sovereign Lake Nordic Club” and along with including a Fundraising Donor Form, mail to: SLNC, PO Box 1231, Stn Main, Vernon BC, V1T 6N6 or have a senior staff member at the Lodge process your donation.
  2. While we generally discourage straight cash donations we do have a process for collecting these cash funds. As with cheques, you can submit cash donations over the counter by including a Fundraising Donor Form with your cash. This will go into an envelope and sealed with your name on it and be directly deposited into our safe.