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We offer a variety of options for you to choose from to help assist us in attaining our fundraising goals.

Donating by Cheque

Charitable Tax Receipts

If you would like to receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation then you will need to donate via cheque that is payable to “Minister of Finance PEF – SilverStar Park – Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre Partnership“ Acct# 2950814 or you can donate through our e-Transfer option by clicking on the DONATE NOW button just above and to the right of this note. Please note that BC Parks requires a minimum contribution of $100 in order to attain a charitable tax receipt.

Tax Receipt not Needed for your Cheque? (or is under $100)

If you are providing the club with a cheque for less than $100 or simply do not require a tax receipt, then please make your cheque payable to “Sovereign Lake Nordic Club“. Standard cheques are permitted and will be presented to a staff member by the donor at the counter along with a signed copy of the Fundraising Donor Form, available to download by clicking on the link below. Place your donation and the signing and completed form in a provided white envelope with your name on it. Our staff will deposit it straight into our safe.

Fundraising Donor Form



We are excited to offer our members a new secure way of donating through our new e-Transfer Portal. Simply click on the DONATE HERE button to the upper right and you will be directed to the page. You can also access the page by clicking on eTransfer Portal.


Cash Donations

While we generally discourage straight cash donations (we would prefer that you use our new e-Transfer Portal) we do have a process for collecting these cash funds. As with cheques, you can submit cash donations over the counter by including a Fundraising Donor Form with your cash. This will go into an envelope and sealed with your name on it and be directly deposited into our safe.


Donating directly to the BC Parks Enhancement Fund

We are very fortunate to have a fantastic relationship with BC Parks and they make available the BC Parks Enhancement Fund (PEF) for making charitable donations.

  1. Go to the Parks Enhancement Fund Donations Portal at
  2. In the search box enter “Silver Star Park – Sovereign Lake Centre Partnership”
  3. Click on the DONATE button and enter your information as required.
  4. A tax receipt will be sent to you for your donation over $100. This may take up to a month to receive as it is processed through Victoria.


You can also mail a cheque to:

BC Parks (attn: Melissa Quin)

PO Box 9398 Stn Prov Govt

Victoria, BC   V8W 9M9

Make cheques payable to: Minister of Finance PEF – SilverStar Park – Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre Partnership” 

Reference acct # 2950814