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Fast and The Curious Virtual Race Series

Lets keep/get/go skiing for our physical and mental health – Just do it!

You are all invited to the new Fast and Curious virtual series.

The series has been designed by a small group of Masters club volunteers to get SLNC club’s 19 plus members and our masters out on the world class trails to challenge yourself or simply explore some different trails.

A big thanks to our SLNC staff, Manager and board members for their support to help launch the first ever Virtual series at Sovereign Lake Nordic Club.

You can ski designated courses starting January 18th.  Once you completed the first virtual fast ski or curious ski you are encouraged to continue skiing the Virtual series courses throughout the entire ski season.  Why? – Want to go “Fast” to test your new skis, cool clothing and improve your personal fitness. Or maybe you just want to be a bit “Curious” and explore the incredible variety of our world-class trails.  Your choice to be Curious or Fast.

So grab your skis for a chance to get some great prizes and join in some fun social distanced activities.  Oh yea – enjoy the snow, sun, peace and quiet and the world class grooming on the best XC trail system in Canada.  Registration for the SLNC Fast and Curious through  Registration is Free

For more information:

Reminder for all of us.  

Please remember Covid 19 is still a significant concern for all of us at our club.  The safety of our members and staff remains our top priority so ski the virtual series individually or (in your immediate family bubble) following the social distancing by staying at least three meters apart from all other skiers. This expectation is from Via Sport BC, our Provincial sport authority for social distancing during XC ski exercise outdoors and (if you wish wear) your mask.

NB:  Please remember these outdoor exercise guidelines can change and we will do our best to keep you current.  You are reminded to check in with Via Sport BC to ensure you know what our current Covid 19 regulations expectations for all of us while we are xc skiing (playing outdoors).

Here is the link –

How does Fast and Curious Virtual series work?

There are two options for the SLNC “Fast” and “Curious” virtual series.

  1. The “Fast” skiers will have a Strava trail segment/course to ski as fast as they can but only during the week days and night skiing. Their ski gps track will be uploaded to a free Strava account to register the result.
  1. The “Curious” skiers will have a kinda explorer focus (speed is not a big deal) so skiers can ski a designated course beginning with a popular route and gradually progressing to longer courses on different trails throughout the Sovereign Lake Nordic trail network.  They can record their ski distance easily on their registration page on Zone4!  Its free … yep it is free because you are a Sovereign Lake Nordic Member or Masters member.

How do I find which course? – Basically a course will be provided by a club volunteer tech geek (nice guy) and open for a designated period of time via a virtual platform.  Paper course maps may also be available to download for us wiser skiers.  You will have a week or maybe two weeks to complete the course.  We will let you know more details as we ski virtually – figure all this stuff out!

NB – Remember you fast guys and gals skiers must ski the course during the week days only while our curious skiers can ski any day that they want during the designated time (calendar days) for the particular course segment.

Virtual series Fast skiers are only allowed on weekdays because weekends have been very busy at our club with many more new first time skiers and snowshoers throughout the trail network on Saturday or Sunday.  Many are new to the club so don’t scare em off eh!

It all starts with a FREE registration on Zone 4 so we can help keep (track/follow/record) times of our “Fast” skiers and help track distances of our “Curious” skiers.   Be eligible for some great draw prizes!!!!

Check out the SLNC website or posters in the club washrooms (we all gotta go sometime) – stay safe, have fun and get out there!

Coming up next…the first courses and more information

Thanks to the sponsors


One final request.  Hannah Mehain (an exceptional young Vernon woman)  has been selected to represent our club and our country at the Under 23 World Championships.  Hannah needs some financial assistance to cover her costs of traveling to Europe.  Please consider helping her if you can.

Go fund me link –

Taking inspiration from Hannah’s scheduled races in Vuokatti, Finland, we have chosen a gentle 10k loop to start both series.

SilverStar Provincial Park Management Plan Open for Public Review

The public comment period on the initial planning stage of the Management Plan for Silverstar Provincial Park concluded on January 15th, 2020. BC Parks received 89 public comments forms. We thank all of those who participated and shared important input to the planning process for the park.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (BC Parks) is now seeking public input on the Draft Management Plan for Silver Star Park [PDF].

You can submit either an online comment form or simply print out the comment form [PDF] and mail it in (to the address at the bottom of the comment form) by January 31, 2021. In light of COVID-19, it is still uncertain if public information sessions will be held for this stage of the management planning process. Please check back on the BC parks website occasionally for updates on the planning process.

Draft Management Plan Document

BC Parks is requesting all feedback on the draft plan by January 31, 2021.

February Day Ticket Sales Now Open

As of today, you can now book your snowshoe and skiing day tickets for the month of February! Please remember to purchase an RFID if you intend to use our facility more than once as it will allow for quicker online sales service,  and scanning at our facility. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Visit our Estore HERE.

Xmas Day Food Bank Fundraiser a Success

Each Christmas Day SLNC donates all day-ticket revenue to the Vernon Food Bank. We are excited to announce that we will be donating $1959 to our local service group providing food to those most in need in our community. These small gifts back to those less fortunate are so important. From all of us at Sovereign Lake, we wish to thank you for your kind words and encouragement this challenging season. Happy New Year!

Purchase Your Tickets Online this Holiday

This holiday season we require everyone to pre-book their tickets online to reduce congestion in the lodge and ensure we are able to contact trace our guests as safely as possible. We have a limited amount of ski and snowshoe tickets available each day so do not expect to show up on the day and be able to ski.


Having troubles with booking your tickets? Check out the resources below.

Tis’ The Season of Giving

Unsure what to get your significant other, family member, or friend this holiday season? Our gift certificates can be used for everything from season passes, to lessons. We sell gift certificates in any denomination over $20. Please call, email us, or come into the lodge and ask for more details.

We Are Here For You this Holiday Season

Even though were are experiencing an unprecedented and challenging season, we want you to feel safe and at home when visiting Sovereign this holiday season. Here are some tips and ideas to have the best at-home holiday ever.

  • Our lodge is open and has LOTS of great gift ideas. From biodegradable glide waxes to super funky branded toques and neckwear, we have loads of stocking stuffers and prezzies for your loved ones.
  • Service With A Smile. We really appreciate the hard work that all of you are doing to make our days safer. Please wear your mask indoors and maintain social distance.
  • Even though there is not a lot of snow, we have plenty for cross country skiing. Our groomers are creating an amazing product out of hardly any snow. Come and experience it for yourself.  The skiing is AMAZING!
  • New to skiing? Come and take a lesson with us. Remember that we are only offering family, couples, and individual lessons this winter. Book Today!
  • Try something new! Have you been on our snowshoe trail or our extensive network of backcountry ski trails? We have all the rental gear you need to discover your new favorite sport.

Kal Tire Provides Grant for New Rescue Toboggan

Thanks to a generous donation from Kal Tire, SLNC will be the recipient of a new Rescue Toboggan in early January.  This new toboggan will provide significantly more protection from the elements for patients and provides a jump seat for a first responder to travel directly with the patient to monitor their vitals and provide additional medical assistance should it be necessary during travel to our First Aid Room.

SLNC is also investing energy and staffing with more of a first aid presence to provide our customers with a high quality of care in case of an injury. As more and more people take up cross country skiing, the necessity for increased first aid presence grows.

Our number 1 priority is keeping our members and the public safe. This will be a great addition to our safety equipment.

New Provincial Guidelines Temporarily Suspend All Adult Programming at SLNC


By order and direction of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) and Viasport BC there have been further updates on December 2nd and 3rd to the restrictions announced in the written Order from November 19th, which is accessible here.

Also CCBC, our sport governing body has sent us the following guidelines following these latest PHO decisions. It can be found here:

The term “team sports” applies to all social and performance adult activities within an organization as determined by Viasport and CCBC. This new mandate requires the temporary suspension of all Masters XC, Masters HP, and U35 Programming taking place at Sovereign Lake Nordic Club. The duration of this new order is undetermined at this time.

The Ministry of Health reminds us that the intention of the restrictions is to minimize the number of people we interact with and reduce travel in order to significantly reduce COVID-19 transmission. As you know, travel and interactions are a key part of the sport experience, however, during this very critical time in this global pandemic, it is important all travel and interaction, including those for sport, be put on pause.

Specifically, the latest updates include:

All indoor and outdoor team sports for people 19 years of age and older are suspended. The website lists a number of sports as examples, it is important to note that this is not an exhaustive list. All team sports must follow these restrictions.



Troy Hudson

General Manager

Sovereign Lake Nordic Club

SLNC Pre-Christmas Sale


Get your holiday shopping done early this year! This Friday through Sunday we are offering 20% off on all SLNC branded Merch, Bliz glasses, gloves, soft goods, and waxes. Come inside and check out our great selection of cozy wool blends from Kombi, and our beautiful toques and neck gaiters from Sauce Headwear. We also have an inventory of pass holders on lanyards for sale!

Please remember to wear your masks when inside our facilities. Happy Shopping!