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For all information regarding the Sovereign Lake supported winter race calendar, please visit Winter Race Calendar (Google Sheets).

Winter Race Calendar

Greetings SLNC Racers heading to Revelstoke

Apologies if you are receiving this email and not heading to Revelstoke but the race organizing pull down the registration confirmation list so I no longer can track who is and who is not heading there this weekend.  And a second apology about sending out the old information about Nickel Plate.  We were having some IT issues today.

Saturday’s races are classic sprints and will involve a qualification followed by minimum of one heat in a King’s court format.  The beauty of this format is that everyone will get qualify on their own and then race head to head with athletes relatively the same speed as you qualified.  This should make for some exciting and fun racing.  We better practice some lunges tonight!

Sunday’s races are Mass Start skate races and will be another exciting day of racing.  Distances of course vary depending on your category but you can find all of that information in the following:


Waxing Info:  For Saturday and Sunday the weather looks like we can expect lows in the -5 range with highs around 0.  As such, please prepare you skis with Swix CH7 or LF7 or Toko Red or anything in the -1- -7 range.  Don’t have an iron and wax?  No problem, we can get your skis from you on Friday night.  The one and only thing the wax team asks is that your kick zone is free of any kick wax.  

Pre-ski: For those of you wanting to do a pre-ski of your course, remember that it gets dark now around 5:30 so if you arrive around 4:30 you will have plenty of time to get that done.  If you can’t arrive in the daylight but want to ski, remember your head lamp.

Sovereign Team Meetings: Friday Night @ 8:00 in an area yet to be decided (this will be the opportunity to ask questions, hand over skis to the wax team and the time that race day logistics are discussed.  Saturday night @ 6:00 in the same place as Friday’s meeting.  

Race Bibs: For those of you who may be arriving Saturday morning or after the team meeting, we will have all the Sovereing race bibs at the Sovereign tent.  In the event we don’t see some of you on Friday night, we would like skiers to be at the venue 1:15 before their start.  This will allow time for skis to be kick waxed and a proper warm-up routine to take place.  Your respective coaches will meet you at the Sovereign tent to get everyone organized at this time.

For any other questions or concerns please feel free to respond to this email.

Safe travels everyone