Sunday Skate Clinics


Our skate clinics are designed to help you improve your technique. Our team of instructors will take you through the steps to assist each skater.  We will offer novice/intermediate and advanced clinics. We offer getting started packages, beginner packages or a private lesson for any for first time skaters.

Novice / Intermediate – The novice / intermediate clinic will give you the opportunity to improve your skating technique from the feet up. The clinic will start with the basics of stance and balance and progress into other skating techniques. To help assess your personal technique, video analysis will be available. (2hrs)

Advanced – The advanced clinic will involve technique improvement through expert instruction along with video analysis. One skate, two skate, and offset may be the techniques focused on. There will also be an opportunity to work on racing strategies. (2hrs)


Novice/Intermediate (10am-12)

Advanced (1-3 pm)

To Register call us at the lodge (250) 558-3036  Please register 24 hours in advance.