Welcome to the E-Transfer Donations Centre

Thank you for choosing to donate to Sovereign Lake via e-Transfer through our new secure online payment portal. It is the most cost-effective way for us to receive donated funds.

All you have to do now is to Enter your Name, Email and answer a few simple questions in the boxes below and click Next

You will then receive an email detailing:
• Who to send it to; and
• What e-Transfer question you should ask; and
• The answer to the above question,

This is an encrypted message that allows us to track your funds most effectively.

Once we have received the funds, we will send you a receipt that you can use for tax purposes to the email you have provided us. If you would like to attain a Charitable Tax Receipt* then please ensure that you click on the box stating so. This tax receipt is issued via the BC Parks “Parks Endowment Fund” and will take roughly one month to receive in the mail from Victoria.

Should you not receive Instructions or a Receipt email, please check your spam folder and if you are using Gmail, your Promotions folder.

*Donation amounts must be $100 or greater to attain a charitable tax receipt.