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Saturday, December 15th  10 am

What a day!    All of the open trails are freshly groomed this morning. Maid of Vernon and Prince of Wales are now open and are in pretty good shape. There are a couple of spots on Prince of Wales with open water on the side but easily skied around.

White Elephant, Revenge and Silver Queen are being worked on today by George and Robert.

Gold Mtn is accessed from the park sign at the far end of the 3rd parking lot and will be groomed later this morning.

Our snowshoe trails are now officially open with Trapline, White Rabbit and Ridgeline the most packed in. Please use caution as the snowpack is still shallow in spots with uneven terrain.

Please park at a 45 degree angle and close to the vehicle beside you. 

Come on up and enjoy early winter at it’s best!




  • 9 KM

    10 KMTotal

Novice Open Last Groomed Notes
Wylie's Loop Open Today
Woodland Bell Open Today
Sovereign Open Today
Passmore Open Today
Northern Lights Open Today
Jessica's Trail Closed
Half Sovereign Open Today
Comin' Round the Mountain Open Today
  • 8 KM

    9 KMTotal

Intermediate Open Last Groomed Notes
Maid of Vernon Open Today
Carl Wylie Trail Open Today
Black Prince Open Today
  • 22 KM

    30 KMTotal

Advanced Open Last Groomed Notes
White Elephant Closed
Upper World Cup Open Today
Silver Queen Closed
Prince of Wales Open Today
Montezuma's Revenge Closed
Montezuma Open Today
Lower World Cup Open Today
Lars Taylor Open Today
Gold Mountain Open Today
Aberdeen Open Today
  • 13 KM

    27 KMTotal

Snow Shoe Open Last Groomed Notes
Wild Goose Closed
White Rabbit Open
Trapline Open
Ridgeline Open
Hidden Meadow Closed
Cabin Fever Closed
  • N/A

    13 KMTotal

Backcountry Open Last Groomed Notes
Upper Kennedy Closed
Powder Queen Closed
Passmore Connector Closed
Mystery Express Closed
Lower Kennedy Closed
Coyote Caper Closed
Beth's Trail Closed
Alder Trail Closed