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Sovereign Lake Nordic Club has one of the most successful S’Cool Ski Programs in British Columbia with over 3000 skier visits by Grade 3-12 youth during the 2016/17 season. With 3 participating school districts, we offer fun and unique winter outdoor experiences with fully certified instructors and high quality rental equipment for a very competitive price.

Our S’Cool Ski program helps kids have fun in the winter environment while teaching them cross country ski skills. Our lessons are designed to develop dynamic balance, co-ordination, and fitness in a fun and safe environment.

Our CANSI (Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors) and NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) certified Instructors will break your class into small groups while they guide your students through an hour of fun filled education. Each student will receive assistance while learning the basic skills involved in sliding on snow, climbing hills and of course their favourite… the downhills.

Please contact Frances Weeks at [email protected] or (250) 558-3036 for more information.


S’Cool Ski TEACHERS Info Package 

S’Cool Ski PARENTS Info Package

Boot Sizing Chart PDF*:      Child      Adult

*Do not print Boot Size Charts as a “Fit to Page” document as it will provide wrong shoe sizing.


Skiing Session Snowshoe Session
RENTALS $5.00 + $.60 (GST + PST) $5.00 + $.60 (GST + PST)
TRAIL FEE $5.00 + $.25 (GST) $5.00 + $.25 (GST)
LESSON $6.00 + $.30 (GST)  $6.00 + $.30 (GST)



Ski Session Snowshoe Session
RENTALS $4.00 + $.48 (GST + PST) $4.00 + $.48 (GST + PST)
TRAIL FEE $4.00 + $.20 (GST) $4.00 + $.20 (GST)
LESSON $6.00 + $.30 (GST)  $6.00 + $.30 (GST)


  • Trail Fees, Rentals and Lessons are complimentary for Teachers
  • Parent Helpers pay the $5.00 Trail Fee Only (Lesson and Rentals are complimentary)
  • Tobogganing Passes are $2.00 per person



We are working closely with the Jess4Kids Ski Scholarship Fund to ensure that all schools have access to our ski venue and ski programs. For more information on subsidized program costs and to see if your school is in a position to apply for this funding please contact the Troy Hudson, the Jess4Kids Liaison.

To apply for Jess4Kids Scholarship Funding please click click on the link Below. 

2017-18 Jess4Kids Scholarship Application Form