S’Cool Ski Programs 2021/2022 Season


Welcome to Sovereign Lake S’Cool Ski Programs!

Full-days only will be permitted this winter to minimize other group exposures, with a maximum of 50 participants total (including Teachers, Parents, Instructors, and Children).

We are now accepting bookings by email. Please refer to the S’Cool Calendar for availability and present your preferred dates along with your second preference. We will do our very best to accommodate your request where possible!

Once verified with our Coordinator, you can submit your Confirmation Booking Form.

Please carefully review our 2021-22 S’Cool Ski Program COVID Protocols document prior to booking.

We look forward to seeing you on the snow!


For inquiries please contact Frances at  [email protected]







Our Job Is To Make Winter FUN!

We are looking forward to hosting your students’ activities and our S’Cool Ski Team is committed to inspiring active enjoyment of our wonderful ski and snowshoe trails!

Covid Protocols are in place to ensure the safety of all participants and visitors. Please know that we are doing our very best to accommodate your requests as we continue to deliver high-quality programs, in spite of restrictions and some modifications, due to Covid-19 procedures. We wish you all a safe and enjoyable experience at Sovereign Lake Nordic Club.

Why S’Cool Ski?
SLNC S’Cool Ski Programming provides students the opportunity to learn the concepts of cross country skiing and snowshoeing in a fun and safe environment. This S’Cool Ski curriculum is part of a nationally sanctioned Cross Country Canada (CCC) program and follows the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, currently supported by all Sport Canada Programs.

Skiing Program
“Fit for Life” is Sport Canada’s term describing the need for participation in activities that allow for continual involvement throughout all stages of life. Cross Country is the perfect activity for introducing dynamic balance, cardio-vascular exercise, and healthy living habits, all of which are essential to health and happiness. Skiing is a great way to keep active during the winter months.

Snow Shoeing Program
Snow Shoeing has been winter’s fastest growing for almost a decade now. Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre has over 14kms of designated, well-marked snowshoe trails and endless powder!
Snowshoeing offers an opportunity for cardiovascular fitness, dynamic balance and is an amazing way to experience the Canadian Wilderness! Snowshoeing is a valuable addition to your S’Cool ski experience or part of your outdoor education/natural science programs. Students learn about flora, fauna, fitness, map-reading, survival, and wilderness safety.

Our CANSI (Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors) and NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) certified Instructors will break your class into small groups while they guide your students through an hour of fun-filled education. Each student will receive assistance while learning the basic skills involved in sliding on snow, climbing hills, and of course their favourite… the downhills.


2021-22 Forms

2021-22 S’Cool Ski COVID Resources 

S’Cool Ski Information Teacher Resource Package

Jess4Kids Funding Application Form

S’Cool Ski Rates 

S’Cool Snowshoe Groups 

S’Cool Ski Groups

Confirmation Booking Form

Class Info Form

S’Cool Final Attendance Form

Waiver of Liability

SLNC Club Covid Protocols and Resources







2021-22 Pricing Structure

  • Adult Helpers are required to pay the S’Cool Ski Trail Fee, Rentals and lessons are however complimentary.
  • Tickets, rentals & lessons are complimentary for organizers and teachers.


Skiing Session Snowshoe Session Combined Session
RENTALS $5.00 + $.60 (GST + PST) $5.00 + $.60 (GST + PST) $6.00 + $.72 (PST + GST)
TRAIL FEE $5.00 + $.25 (GST) $5.00 + $.25 (GST) $5.00 + $.25 (GST)
PARENT TRAIL FEE* $5.00 + $.25 (GST) $5.00 + $.25 (GST) $5.00 + $.25 (GST)
LESSON $6.00 + $.30 (GST)  $6.00 + $.30 (GST) $12.00 + $.60 (GST)


Skiing – per Session Snowshoeing – per Session Toboggan – per Session
RENTALS $7.00 + $.84 (GST + PST) $7.00 + $.84 (GST + PST)
TRAIL FEE $7.00 + $.34 (GST) $7.00 + $.34 (GST) $2.00
PARENT TRAIL FEE $5.00 + $.25 (GST) $5.00 + $.25 (GST) $2.00
LESSON $6.00 + $.30 (GST)  $6.00 + $.30 (GST)








Keeping Outdoor Adventures INCLUSIVE!

We work closely with the Jess4Kids Ski Scholarship Fund to ensure that all children and schools have access to our ski venue and ski programs.

For more information on subsidized program costs, and to see if your school or participants are in a position to apply for this funding, please contact Frances Weeks at [email protected].


To apply for Jess4Kids Scholarship Funding please click on the link, below. 

2021-22 Jess4Kids Funding Application Form


S’Cool Ski Programs (updated January 12th, 2022)

2021-22 S-Cool Ski Covid Procedures Document

  • S’Cool Ski Participants are NOT required to provide Proof of Vaccination at this time.
  • S’Cool Ski Program Teachers and Parents are NOT required to provide PoV.
  • ALL S’Cool Ski Participants, Parents, and Volunteers MUST follow PHO orders with regard to mask-wearing in indoor spaces, staying home if unwell, performing a daily health check, and social distance where possible.
  • When inside SLNVC Facilities ALL participants, regardless of age, MUST wear a face mask.