Biathlon Programs

Our Youth Biathlon Programs run as fully integrated additions to the Track Attack and Junior Development programs.  When you enroll your child in a Biathlon Program, they are automatically enrolled in the age equivalent XC Ski Program.  As these are “Plus” programs, biathletes are expected to attend the required minimum number of sessions per week for their XC Ski Skills Development in addition to at least one Biathlon range session per week which will focus on shooting skills in combination with skate skiing.  Attending Biathlon range sessions only is NOT an option.
A wide variety of games/drills and friendly competitions are used to create a dynamic team environment and instill a lifelong interest in this sport.
Our Goals
  • Provide a fun, action packed Biathlon experience
  • Skate ski faster and more efficiently
  • Safe and responsible handling of a biathlon rifle and ammunition
  • Develop the skills and focus to hit the targets consistently while fatigued from skiing
  • Focus on the task at hand, be it skiing, selecting a shooting lane, adopting the proper shooting position, setting up, shooting, or counting penalty loops while skiing.
Practices and competitions require many volunteers to help run on time and successfully.  As a parent of a biathlete you are required to volunteer at Biathlon practices and SLNC Biathlon competitions.
Our Head Coach is assisted by a team of volunteer coaches trained or certified under the new NCCP system and Biathlon Canada’s coaching program.
Program Guidelines
All of our youth Biathlon Programs follow Sport Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development principles and Biathlon Canada’s program guidelines.