Ages: 12-19

Junior Development

  • Training 4-6 days/wk (incl Team sessions & independent sessions at home)
  • Access to summer, fall and on-snow club/reg’l/provincial training camps
  • Energy systems testing to determine heart rate zones and measure progress in fitness
  • Strength testing to determine loads and measure strength gains
  • Instruction/guidance in proper strength and wt lifting techniques
  • Seasonal goals review and planning sessions (group and individual) with coach
  • Standardized Yearly Training Plan (YTP) including tapering, peaking and weekly plans
  • Training log w coach feedback


This program has a training and racing focus. Athletes will be well supported as they prepare for the ski season and compete in local thru provincial competitions that may include:

  • Tips Up Cup
  • SLNC Loppet
  • Ok Cups
  • BC Cups, BC Championships
  • Western Canadian Championships
  • NorAms
  • Canadian Championships
  • + other local events and loppets

Training camps:

2 SLNC summer/fall field tests for energy system fitness & strength will be offered

  • Nutrition and Regeneration/recovery protocols
  • Psychological techniques training (relaxation, activation, visualization, strategies, coping…)
  • Technical video analysis off-season & on-snow (roller skiing, striding, skiing…)
  • Online Team calendar and TeamSnap (or similar) training session postings
  • Pre-season program info/orientation meeting – mandatory for all athletes and parents.
  • Coach support year-round

Expectations of Athletes
This is a training and racing program. Athletes should have a desire to train year-round and to compete at provincial and national levels. A commitment to scheduled Team training sessions in the summer and fall and to completing independent training at home and on the snow is expected. Daily training logs (including resting heart rates, sleep hours, energy levels, etc) are introduced and used so that coaches can monitor training response and give appropriate training advice. Athletes are expected to be proactive in informing coaches of upcoming events/activities that may conflict with scheduled training. All JD+ athletes will complete an “Athlete Agreement” from at the beginning of each season.

Note: Athletes at the JD level are often involved in other organized sports in the summer, fall and occasionally winter. This is a good thing that we encourage for enjoyment and to develop a full range of athletic abilities. Older JD athletes often have work and other responsibilities. The Head Coach will meet with athletes and parents pre-season to preview schedules, clarify goals & mutual expectations  to outline a plan that balances the individual needs of the athlete with the needs of running a cohesive club program. The Head Coach will be flexible in helping to determine the right balance and reserves the right to set minimum training and attendance requirements.

* SLNC membership and a current season’s pass is required for participants this program.

Program Details

Sept 6 - April 8, 2017
Total # of Sessions
TBD - Contact Coaches
Registration Deadline
October 31, 2017

Lead Coach: Eric de Nys

Assistant Coach: Virginie Pichard-Jolicouer and Paul Hardy

Dates:  September 8,  2017 – November 8, 2017

Sessions: Up to 30 sessions offered (3/wk). Athletes to attend 2/wk minimum.


  • Tuesdays  Sep 13 – Nov 8;  4:00-6:00pm @ Kidston Elementary / Coldstream *
  • Thursdays  Sep 15 – Nov 3; 4:00-6:00pm @ Coldstream Elementary
  • Saturdays  Sep 3 – Oct 31;  8:30-11:30 @ varied locations
    * Tuesdays after Oct 18 may move indoors depending on weather or space availability.

We get on snow as soon as conditions allow, usually early November.

Dates: November 8 – end of season (early April)

Sessions: Up to 50 sessions offered (3/wk).  Athletes to attend 3/wk *.


  • Tuesdays  November 7 – March 7;  6:00pm-7:45 @ SLNC
  • Thursdays  November 10 – March 9;  6:00pm-7:45 @ SLNC
  • Saturdays  November 5 – March 10;  9:00pm-11:30 @ SLNC
    * Academy athletes who trained during the day may attend Tues evening sessions.

$600 before October 31st

$620 after October 31st