Ages: 10-17




The Winterfit is for the winter adventurist who wants to continue or advance their ski techniques and broaden the boundaries of winter activities within a non-competitive environment.

Come experience the best that winter has to offer by becoming technically competent classic skiers, and skate skiers, with the added adventure of backcountry skiing, and snowshoeing, right here in our own backyard. Our goal is to create lifelong participants in winter activities. We are seeking youth that have a sense of adventure, a willingness to learn, and a desire to share this unique experience with other like-minded individuals.

Winterfit Program Goals:

  • Offer fitness
  • Be fun
  • Encourage teamwork
  • Provide children with an opportunity to be part of a sports “team”
  • Improve ski technique through drills and careful input from qualified coaches
  • Utilize games, relays, and terrain parks to develop technique, speed, skills, and fitness
  • Explore and enjoy the fun with off-trail ski activities
  • Nurture a team/social atmosphere
  • Encourage “inter-club” social, skill and fitness-orientated ski activities

All participants will have the opportunity to try Biathlon during one Winterfit session. A Biathlon Day membership is included in the program cost.

Parents are required to help as parent sweepers for at least 2-4 sessions throughout the season. The sweeper’s role is to stay right behind the last skier of the group, making sure no one gets left behind. There will be a sign-up sheet sent out closer to the program’s start date.

Winterfit 1

This program is geared toward kids aged 10-12.  Participants can expect a fun-filled Saturday morning developing skiing skills and trying out a number of different winter snowsports right here at Sovereign.

Winterfit 2 – Recreation Group

This program is geared toward youth aged 13-18.  These participants are looking for a more comprehensive program that takes place once a week. Saturday mornings are aimed at adventures.  Look forward to meeting guest speakers that will share their advanced skills with us throughout the season.

Winterfit 2  – Training Group (NEW for 2023/24)

This program is geared toward spring, summer and fall athletes in different sports aged 13-18.  These participants are looking for a winter cross-training program that takes place once a week. Saturday mornings are geared towards practicing and developing classic and skate techniques while working on cardiovascular fitness.

* An SLNC season pass is required for participants in this program

* Inclusiveness is an SLNC value and priority. Instruction for participants with special needs is part of all WinterFit programs. Please contact the Programs Coordinator to discuss any needs that your child has so that we can set them up for success.

Program Details

Winterfit 1

Ages 10-12 yrs old


Geared toward new skiers that do not want to be in a racing program

Winterfit 2

Recreation Group  

Ages 13-18 yrs old 

Geared towards kids looking for winter adventures

Winterfit  2

Training Group  

Ages 13-18 yrs old 

Geared towards runners, triathletes, or track and field athletes that are looking for cross-training opportunities in the winter

Dates Nov. 18, 2023 – Mar. 16, 2024 Nov. 18, 2023 – Mar. 16, 2024 Nov. 18, 2023 – Mar. 16, 2024 The cold weather cut-off for Winterfit 1 is -15 Celsius & WinterFit 2  is -20 Celsius
Total # of sessions 14 14 14
Sessions/wk. 1 1 1

Saturday 10:00-11:30

Saturday 10:00-12:00  Saturday 10:00-12:00
Cost $155 $155 $155
Registration Deadline October 31. 2023 or until program capacity is reached (whichever comes first) October 31, 2023 or until program capacity is reached (whichever comes first) October 31, 2023 or until program capacity is reached (whichever comes first)

Parent Athlete Orientation/Information Session:

November 4th at 11:00

No formal programming:

  • Dec 22 – Jan 5
  • Due to a possible high-level race event
  • Cold weather cut-offs


Coaching Course Opportunities: 

Intro to Community Coaching (ICC)

Community Coaching Course (CC)



SDP Coach: Deirdra Frank

Deirdra grew up in Vernon skiing with her parents and has been part of the Sovereign Lake ski community for many years. She started out as an athlete on the cross country and biathlon teams, competing in numerous races and events as part of the SLNC Ski Team. Following her younger years of racing, she has worked at Sovereign instructing in our S’Cool Ski Program and as lodge front counter staff. More recently, Deirdra was co-leader for two seasons on the growing WinterFit Program at Sovereign Lake. Deirdra’s love for this sport has only ever grown throughout the years. She is happy to combine sports with her business management degree.

“Sovereign Lake is like a home away from home for me.”


Volunteer Leaders

Felicia Ogorman

Coaching Experience: Three years in Cross-Country and gazillions of years with other sports

Favorite Trail: Skiing ‘neath the trees on Prince of Wales

Words of Wisdom: If the person you are talking to appears not to be listening, be patient. He may just have a little fluff in his ears. – Winnie the Pooh


Equipment needs

WinterFit Participants will need classic and skating equipment as both techniques will be taught. Snowshoes will also be used during some sessions.
Rentals are available to Program Participants for $50 for the season or $5/day. Please see Lodge staff for help.

Retail – Stussi Sports in Vernon provides an excellent selection of quality kids and adults gear with advice to match. They also have a rotating “kids gear exchange” program and info on ski swaps. They are a huge supporter of our club, programs and events.

For a thorough explanation on ski equipment please follow the following link Ski equipment and safety

Q. What is the cold weather policy for WinterFit?

Cold weather cut-off for WinterFit is -20 Celsius.