Ages: 13-18



This program is for skiers aged 12-19 that are interested in improving ski skills and having fun adventures in the sport but have less interest in “training” or racing.  Winterfit caters to the newer as well as more experienced skier.  Athletes from other disciplines will find Winterfit a great way to learn cross country ski sills and stay fit for their other sports.  Our mandate it to promote a variety of fun winter outdoor experiences including backcountry touring, ski orienteering,   as well as the continual development of skate and classical ski techniques.  The program will also introduce skiers to backcountry safety, winter camping and outdoor leadership.  Ultimately our goal is to foster a love of skiing and outdoor winter life.  Athletes are encouraged to establish their fitness goals over the winter and how these goals can contribute to other activities they may be involved in.  Any Winterfit athlete may also choose to join our JD program(s) by discussing  the program and expectations with the JD coach, paying the upgrade fee and committing to the program. Participation in various fun cross country ski events is also encouraged but is not mandatory.

Program Goals

  • Improve technique and overall sports skills
  • Improve fitness
  • Provide access & coach support at a variety of local events: OK Cups, Tips Up Cup, Loppets
  • Introduce athletes to light backcountry skiing
  • Introduce a variety of “adventure based” activities: snowshoeing, telemark, orienteering, etc.
  • Encourage athletes to Ski4Life

* a SLNC membership and a current season’s pass is required for participants this program.
* Paranordic

Program Details

November 25 to March 10, 2017 (+ SLNC Loppet, March 11)
Total # of Sessions
Sessions per Week
Tuesdays 6:00pm - 7:30, Saturdays 10:00am - Noon
Length of Session
1.5 hours, 2 hours
Sovereign Lake Nordic Club and various outdoors/backcountry locations

Lead Coach:  Karl Podolski

Group Leaders: Liz Ariano, Doug Geller

Ski equipment and safety

Equipment needs:

WinterFit Participants will need classic and skating equipment as both techniques will be taught. If new to skiing and you have only 1 (or no) set of gear, then rentals can be arranged and/or we can help with purchasing advice to help you get started. Read on…

Equipment Sources:

Rentals – A full selection of quality, affordable, classic and skate gear for all ages is available at SLNC. Special package prices are available for kids enrolled in Bunnies, Jackrabbit and Track Attack programs for use during formal program sessions. Please see SLNC staff for help.

Retail – Stussi Sports in Vernon provides an excellent selection of quality kids and adults gear with advise to match. They also have a rotating “kids gear exchange” program and info on ski swaps. They are a huge supporter of our club, programs and events.

Coming soon.

$200 until November 3oth