SLNC Standing Committees


Are you interested in joining a Club Standing Committee? Please reach out to us at [email protected] for more information. The General Manager sits on all but the HR and Executive Team Committees.

Standing Committee Committee Chair
HR Committee ToR (2020 updated) Marshall Moleschi
Governance Committee ToR (created Jan 2022) Cyndy Flores
Finance Committee ToR (2020 updated) Hugh Seaton
Events Committee ToR (updated 2021) Marshall Moleschi
Health & Safety Committee ToR (created May 2021) Troy Hudson
Programs Committee ToR (May 2022) Jacqueline Akerman
Lodge Ad-Hoc Committee (2022) Malcolm Devine
Sustainability Committee ToR Dave Dennier
Stakeholder Committee ToR Tara Fulop
Fundraising Development Committee ToR (2013) TBD
Elections Committee ToR TBD