Adaptive Programs

Cross-Country Skiing for people with disabilities

Adaptive Skiing

Cross country skiing for the disabled has evolved into both a recreational and competitive sport that enhances and invigorates the body, mind, and spirit.  Sovereign Lake Nordic Club is accessible for the physically challenged with wheelchair parking; accessible washrooms; and equipment available upon program registration.   The objective of the program, which is part of the Sovereign Lake Nordic Club, is not only to provide an opportunity for the disabled community to access equipment and trails, but to encourage and assist in using adaptive cross country skiing as a healthy lifestyle choice for both recreational, and competitive activities.

The Community Recreational Initiatives Society (CRIS) Adaptive Adventures has partnered with the Sovereign Lake Nordic Center and Kindale Developmental Association to provide adaptive Cross-country Skiing and Snowshoeing at the Sovereign Lake Nordic Center.

Adaptive Cross Country Skiing

Since 2001 CRIS Adaptive Adventures has been a unique health promotion program utilizing adaptive equipment in natural outdoor settings to unite volunteers and people with disabilities to improve overall quality of life, increase abilities and health in more ways than focusing purely on the physical body. CRIS is dedicated to assisting people with disabilities to get out of their homes to participate in and enjoy the healing properties of nature. Our trained staff, volunteers, and Trip Leaders assist our participants and their families to experience nature and explore places they would not otherwise be able to access on their own. CRIS replaces isolation with friendship, disability with possibility, and stagnation with improvement. Our program assists all people involved to improve cognitive, social, mental, and physical health, experience the wonders of the natural world and conquer self and societal beliefs and expectations.

Adaptive Cross Country Skiing

Regardless of abilities we can make cross-country skiing a reality for anyone. Thanks to the Tetra Society we have access to many different kinds of adaptive cross-country skis and sleds (see “the fleet” below), this equipment combined with CRIS volunteer’s years of experience and knowledge in adaptations we are able to suit all needs for a fun and, if desired, challenging outdoor winter experience.

Adaptive snowshoeing utilizes various types of snowshoes and stabilizing poles for an array of abilities. While participants need a basic level of lower extremity mobility to partake in snowshoeing, it is a great activity for many people with disabilities to develop skills and have fun. We have guides for participants who are visually impaired and buddies for those who need some guidance or supervision.

CRIS Adaptive Adventures is always in need of ‘able-bodied’ skiers and snowshoers who can volunteer a few hours. All participants and volunteers are required to complete and return a registration package before departing on an Adaptive Adventure; to learn more or find the registration packages go

To participate or volunteer call or email us: [email protected] (250) 979 3941
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Sovereign Lake Nordic Club is accessible, with wheelchair parking; accessible washrooms; and equipment available upon request at the office if you wish to explore without the assistance of CRIS volunteers. Wheelchair parking is in front of the ramped Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre and in the lower parking lot.  Adaptive equipment (as shown in pictures) has been provided by volunteers from the TETRA Society.  For more information about how access the facilities as a disabled skier with your own equipment, please call or email Sovereign Lake at:  250-558-3036

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