Ages: 30+

Masters Training Group


This Program is designed for Masters athletes (over 30 years) who want to improve their ski technique, increase speed and efficiency, and develop more confidence on varying terrain. This program is meant to provide a space for quality learning and further skill development. All participants should be comfortable skiing most trails at Sovereign Lake as training sessions will lead to many different areas of the trail network.

Participants are expected to be self-motivated and to come into the winter ski season having maintained a high level of physical fitness during the summer and fall.

Sovereign Masters promotes the joy of skiing, building friendships, and adding to one’s skiing skills in a fun social group setting while working hard.

Schedule summarized:

Tuesday – technique coaching. One of the small groups will be scheduled for 5:00 p.m. to accommodate our working folks.

Wednesday – Morning intervals and 2nd session at 5:00 p.m. During the evening session, we’ll have intervals for those who weren’t at the morning session, and a strength-specific session for those who are doubling.

Thursday – Skills and drills for approximately 45 minutes, and then distance ski

Friday –  Ski on your own

Saturday – interval and/or race simulation

Sunday – Over Distance in organically organized groups

Program Description:
The training season will include 19 weeks – from November 15 to April 3rd, 2024.

● The Training Plan will be individually purchased from Nordic Team Solutions’ (NTS) (Andy Newell) and individuals will be supported in adapting the plans as appropriate (such as the overall amount of training time). Training Plans from NTS include periodization and training zones as well as an overarching yearly plan.
● The training sessions will be led by Pat Pearce with the support of other participants taking leadership roles as deemed appropriate.
● Technique sessions on Tuesday will occur 12 times in the 19 weeks of the Program and will be led by Josee LeClerc, and Pat Pearce.  Each participant will receive individualized instruction and video analysis. Our instructors will each be available for a 3-hour block and participants will be scheduled into small groups with time on snow for instruction, and time to review and analyze technique.

In addition to the base training model, as described above, clinics will be offered periodically throughout the winter season by willing expert coaches and these will be on a cost recovery plan.

Registration for Masters Training Group $500.00 per person

The Group will be capped at 27 participants with the intention of creating a focused training group and program. This program is not first come first serve. If you’re interested in joining the Masters Training Group please complete the following questionnaire, and send it to Programs Admin.

All participants must also have a 2023-24 Season Pass in order to have access to SLNC Programming.


Pat Pearce 

Josee LeClerc





Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Technique Coaching a.m + p.m. 3 hours Intervals a.m. 1.5 hours
Intervals p.m. 1.5 hours
Strength Specific training a.m. 1.0 hours plus distance ski Ski on our own Intervals and/or Time Trials 2.0 hours