Ages: 30+

Masters Training Group



This Program is designed for competitive Masters athletes (30+ years) who want to improve their ski technique, increase speed and efficiency, and train for ski races. Participants are expected to be self- motivated and have an interest in training with other Masters athletes in a fun social group setting. All participants should be comfortable skiing varied terrain, including all trails at Sovereign Lake Nordic Club. The Masters Training Group Program follows a structured training plan designed by Nordic Team Solutions (NTS) (Andy Newell), and is best suited to participants who maintain a high level of physical fitness during the summer and fall.

Program Description:

  • The training season will include 19 weeks – from when the lodge opens for the season until the Sovereign 2 SilverStar Ski Marathon (late March/ early April).
  • The Training Plan will be individually purchased from Nordic Team Solutions (NTS) (Andy Newell), and individuals will be supported in adapting the plans as appropriate (such as the overall amount of training time). Training Plans from NTS include periodization and training zones as well as an overarching yearly plan. They follow a consistent weekly schedule, summarized below, with group sessions being held in the mornings.
  • The training sessions will be led by Pat Pearce with the support of other participants taking leadership roles as deemed appropriate.
  • Technique sessions on Tuesday will occur 12 times in the 19 weeks of the Program and will be led by Josee LeClerc, Michele Wolfe, Kate Ellis, and Pat Pearce. Each participant will receive individualized instruction and video analysis. Our instructors will each be available for a 2-hour block, and participants will be scheduled into small groups with time on snow for instruction and time to review and analyze techniques.
  • In addition to the base training model, as described above, clinics will be offered periodically throughout the winter season by willing expert coaches and these will be on a cost recovery plan.


Weekly Schedule summarized:

Tuesday – technique coaching.

Wednesday – Morning intervals and the possibility of participating in the Headlamp Heros race

a strength-specific pm session for those who are doubling.

Thursday – Skills and drills for approximately 45 minutes, and then distance ski

Friday –  Ski on your own

Saturday – interval and/or race simulation

Sunday – Over Distance in organically organized groups


Cost: $1,000

Registration for the Masters Training Group will open on June 18th 2024. Please stay tuned.

This program is not first come, first serve. There is limited space available, and only those who are best suited for the program will be considered. If you wish to be considered, please fill in the following application and submit it to [email protected].


All participants must also have a 2024-25 Season Pass in order to have access to SLNC Programming.


Pat Pearce 

Josee LeClerc

Michelle Wolfe

Kate Ellis





Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Technique Coaching a.m Intervals a.m. 1.5 hours Strength Specific training a.m. 1.0 hours plus distance ski Ski on our own Intervals and/or Time Trials 2.0 hours