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November 19th Provincial Health Order Update 

Travel advisory (Updated Nov 19th, 2020) 

At this time, we request that all non-essential travel should be avoided. This includes travel into and out of B.C. and between regions of the province. For example:

  • Do not travel for a vacation

Click the link to view the full Travel Advisory Restrictions 

2020/21 SLNC COVID Q & A

Can I enter the lodge when the area is open on opening day?

Yes, however, access to the lodge will be limited and there will be no sit down seating or socializing opportunities as in the past.
There will be access to the lodge for ski rentals and washrooms downstairs will remain open.

A limited selection of club merchandise, custom SLNC Facemasks, beverages, and snacks available inside the facility.

Day tickets can be purchased online for the 2020-21 season.

What is SLNC COVID protocol upon entering the lodge?

Upon entry we require you to sanitize your hands. There will be separate entrance and exit doors. Please follow COVID guidelines and spacing markers on the floor at the checkout.

Face masks are to be worn at all times inside SLNC facilities including out buildings (wax building, Black Prince cabin).

Buffs/neck gaiters are NOT considered an effective in preventing the spread of COVID.

Non-medical face masks or face coverings should:

  • allow for easy breathing
  • fit securely to the head with ties or ear loops
  • maintain their shape after washing and drying
  • be changed as soon as possible if damp or dirty
  • be comfortable and not require frequent adjustment
  • be made of at least 2 layers of tightly woven material fabric (such as cotton or linen)
  • be large enough to completely and comfortably cover the nose and mouth without gaping

Are washrooms available at the lodge?

Yes. Washrooms are available in the main lodge downstairs. There are out houses near the old day lodge and at the Black Prince cabin.

Can I store my belongings inside the lodge?

No. We ask that you store your personal belongings in your vehicle as lodge access will be limited.

Can I change clothing inside the lodge?

Yes. The downstairs washroom & change room facilities will be open.

Is SLNC limiting Season Pass sales?

We do not see the necessity to limit our season pass sales at this time. That being said, there will be some changes taking place and a request for season pass users to come at different times throughout the day so we can ensure that we can safely fit all pass holders, and day ticket users into the parking lots. We hope that Season Pass Holders will opt to ski more afternoons this winter to help reduce parking lot congestion.

Is SLNC limiting Day Ticket sales?

Yes. We will have a maximum of 150 morning-tickets and 200 afternoon-tickets for skiers.

I really want to ski but I’m very concerned about COVID, how can I make my trip safer?

  1. Purchase your tickets online rather than at the lodge, we are scanning tickets at the window with no touch scanning.
  2. Limit your time in the lodge – wear a mask and use hand sanitize upon entry.
  3. Ski in the afternoon to avoid crowds.

Is SLNC limiting ticket sales?

Yes. We have a daily limit of 400 tickets. Following Provincial Health guidelines, both SLNC and SilverStar are required to manage their maximum daily guest numbers. We apologize for the inconvenience and aim to provide the safest and highest quality experience for our members and guests.

There may be times when we will sell out of tickets, we recommend purchasing your tickets at least 2 weeks in advance.
You will be able to buy your tickets online in advance when we get our ticketing system up and running.

Will you have blackout dates for season passholders?


Is the toboggan hill open?

No. We’re not opening the toboggan hill this year.

Are rentals still available?

Yes. We are cleaning and disinfecting equipment between rentals.

Will you be doing full season rentals?

No. We’re only having daily rentals at this time. We may have full season rentals for our youth programs depending on availability of equipment.

Can I use the Wax Building?

Yes. Please note that face masks are to be worn at all times inside the SLNC facilities including outbuildings (wax building, Black Prince cabin).
Buffs/neck gaiters are NOT considered effective in preventing the spread of COVID.

Can I come to the lodge if I’m sick?

No. Please stay home if you are feeling under the weather and use the BC COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool and follow the instructions of the BC COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool results.

Get tested if you think you may have been infected.

Are there any parking restrictions? 

No, however, we do ask that you follow guidelines and remain in your vehicle until you can keep 2 metres apart from others.

I’d like to bring a group to ski at the club, are groups allowed?

Yes. Following BC’s health and safety guidelines, groups 50 and under are allowed.
Please let us know in advance you are coming with a large group so we can minimize congestion.

Can I book the old lodge or the Black Prince cabin ?

No. To prevent or limit the spread of COVID-19 at gatherings we are not taking facility bookings at this time.

Can I enter the Black Prince cabin to warm up and have a snack during my ski?

Yes. Please note that face masks are to be worn at all times inside the SLNC facilities including out buildings (wax building, Black Prince cabin).
Buffs/neck gaiters are NOT considered an effective in preventing the spread of COVID.

I’m registered in a SLNC program are there COVID protocol and guidelines I should follow?

Yes. Please see our COVID resources for programs page.

If there’s an out break and the area is forced to be closed, can I get a refund on my seasons pass?

Yes. View our refund policy for seasons passes.

Can I buy food and a coffee/tea at the lodge?

Yes. We’ll still be selling pre-made soups and the coffee machine will still be operating.

If there is an increase in COVID cases, what’s SLNC plan?

Sovereign has created an operational framework based on 5 possible models for the 2020/21 season.

1. Full Closure
2. Trails Open Only
3. Mandatory Social Distancing
4. Low Revenue Model
5. Normal Operations

Through the creation of this flexible and dynamic operational plan, we will be in a good position to address public safety concerns and meet changing Provincial Health and Safety Guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff, members, and guests.


Additional SLNC Covid Resources

SLNC Covid – 19 Safety Plan, according latest Return To Sport Plan CCBC September 14, 2020.


If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]