Masters XC Season Plan

It is always best to start with a plan. Plans change, but here is the first version.

On Sundays, we will focus on group skiing and fun challenges.

On Wednesday nights, we will have the usual technique and fitness program.

On Thursday mornings, there will be different groups with different goals for Fitness, Intensity, Time, and Technique.

There are four groups envisioned for Thursday mornings. All groups share the idea of having fun on snow. The tables explain more about the differences between groups.

Gantt chart of season plan

Classic This group is for skiers who are young in their skiing. Using only the classic technique, this group will focus on improving skiing and getting comfortable doing longer skiing days.
Progression Using both classic and skate, this group will focus on developing their abilities and fitness.
Camel Skiers who like to ski longer and further, but are missing the racing gene. The fitness component is centred on making long ski days enjoyable and long-term health. This group will learn to ski more efficiently at a touring pace.
Greyhound This is for skiers who want to ski faster and more efficiently. Specific intensity sessions will develop ski-specific fitness. Technique content will be focussed on skiing faster without working hard.

Season Schedule (C means classic, S means skate)


Week Classic 2 3 Greyhound
1, Nov 28 Balance C: Balance/Stance C: Balance/Stance C: Balance/Stance
2, Dec 6 Stance C: Static/Dynamic C: Static/Dynamic C: Static/Dynamic
3, Dec 13 Poling S: Balance/Stance S: Poling S: Poling+Intensity
4, Dec 20 Poling C: Poling C: Poling C: Poling+Intensity
5, Jan 3 One step, aka KDP S: Poling S: Uphill+Speed S: Uphill+Intensity
6, Jan 10 Uphill C: Uphill C: Uphill+Speed C: Uphill+Intensity
7, Jan 17 Downhill S: Uphill one skate S:Transition+Speed S: Transition+Speed
8, Jan 24 Terrain C: Illegible C:Transition+Speed C: Transition+Speed
9, Jan 31 Transition S: Speed play S:Relay (Tips Up course) S: Relay (Tips Up course)
10, Feb 7 Transition C: Downhill C: Downhill C: Downhill
11, Feb 14 Speed S: Challenge S: Challenge S: Challenge
12, Feb 21 Challenge C: Speed play C: Steady ski w speed C: Steady ski w speed
13, Feb 28 Challenge S: Challenge S: Up and down challenge S: Up and down challenge