U13-Biathlon Bears-Track Attack

The Biathlon Bears – Track Attack Program is for participants who really love Biathlon and are interested in developing further in the sport. The emphasis will be on ‘Learning to Train’ through ski and marksmanship skill development, fitness and teamwork. Participants will develop fitness and ski skills though the Track Attack program, as well as range practices to learn and perfect rifle marksmanship techniques. The goals of the Biathlon Bears – Track Attack program are to:

  • Nurture a team/social atmosphere.
  • Improve shooting marksmanship and ski technique through practice and the intervention of qualified coaches both on the trails and at the range.
  • Learn through games, relays, racing and terrain parks to develop technique, speed, skills and fitness.
  • Continue to develop confidence and safe rifle handling skills.
  • Learn to ski safely in a wide variety of conditions & terrain.
  • Begin to build fitness in the fall with dry land training sessions.
  • Learn how to race with confidence and encourage participation in Biathlon and Cross-Country Ski races.