Day Ticket Q&A


Do I need to purchase my day tickets online? 

It is not mandatory, but it is preferred. We transitioned to a new online booking platform in November of 2020 which provides a convenient and more secure ticket purchasing experience for our guests. This new system allows you to create your own online customer profile on a quick RFID scanning pass. These cards remain with you forever. They significantly reduce paper ticket waste, ticket purchase congestion, and create an easy online booking tool. Ticket purchases are available on-site at our outside ticket kiosks during operating hours. You will still however need to create a customer account so it will take you 4-5 minutes to set up. It is much easier for you to do this at home instead of standing outside in a ticket lineup.

Are Group Tickets and Group Discounts available for the 2023-24 Season?

Group ticket sales are not available for this season as we have transitioned to personal RFID Cards.

Silver Star has stopped selling Dual Area Nordic Tickets, can I still buy one at Sovereign?

At the time of purchase of your SLNC Season Pass, you will be able to purchase the Add-On SSMR Season Pass. If you plan to purchase your Add-On separately, or, have already purchased your SLNC Pass for the 2023-24 season then you must purchase your Add-On directly through the ticket counter at SilverStar Mountain Resort, bringing your SLNC Season Pass Purchase Receipt with you for validation along with Personal ID.

Is SLNC limiting Day Ticket sales in 2023-24?

We will not be placing any restrictions on available day tickets for the 2023-24 season. Please however recognize that there are always extra busy times on Thursday and Saturday Mornings  for our Youth and Adult Ski Programs. For a quieter experience, arriving after 1:00 is recommended on those days.

How and where do I pick up my Day Tickets once purchased online?

We have two brand new ticket windows outside in front of the lodge that you can validate your ticket purchase at. Please either bring a printed copy of your receipt or show us your confirmation email on your phone on arrival to confirm your identity in the system. You must validate your purchase by having it scanned at our ticket windows prior to skiing. BC Parks staff will be assisting us with ticket validation this winter. You will get an RFID Card on your arrival. This card can then be reloaded in advanced and self scanned at the ticket kiosks.


I bought a ticket in advance and I’m unable to make it, can I change my ticket use date?

Yes, please email us at [email protected] prior to your scheduled visit with your new date to use for your pre-purchased ticket.

How do I pick up or reserve rentals for my visit?

SLNC has over 400 pairs of skis and snowshoes for our guests. That being said we can occasionally run low on sizes. If you have already purchased tickets online, call ahead and we can reserve rental sizes for you if necessary that day just prior to your arrival.

Can I use the lodge this winter?

We are pleased to open up the lodge to full capacity once again for the 2023-24 season!

There will still be a selection of club merchandise, beverages, and snacks available inside the facility to purchase. Day tickets will be purchased online or at our outside ticket windows for the 2023-24 season.

How do the new scannable tickets and passes work?

We moved to an RFID (Radio Frequency ID) scan card for all season pass users and day users this year. This helps to reduce congestion in our parking lots, facilities, and primary trail access points as well as provides us valuable marketing insights as to where our users are from by using guest Postal Codes.

Upon arrival at each visit, you will need to go to the lodge ticket windows and scan your Customer Card or present a copy of your receipt to attain your Customer Card at any one of our new ticket kiosks which will be located next to the front doors on your right. This process should only take 20-30 seconds.

By using RFID technology you have a permanent ID code making subsequent visits or annual season pass purchases much quicker. There is no personal information stored on these cards aside from your name and ID number. Your photo is no longer located on the card and is only stored in our system for validation purposes.

Can I buy Punch Passes this year?

Punch Passes will no longer be available as the new RFID card system allows you to purchase your tickets from home. We are creating two new products this season that will allow you to purchase 5 and 10 times passes that are not date specific so they operate similar to our old punch passes. These passes are NOT transferrable between family members as in the past. Your RFID card will be a permanent punch pass essentially, upload new day passes, lessons, or rentals with ease.

Is SLNC offering any credit for unused Punch Passes?

SLNC no longer accepts old-style hand punch cards. The last punch passes were available for sale three years ago and all tickets must be purchased through our online booking program or at the ticket window. Please contact [email protected] for further instructions.