Day Ticket Q&A


The COVID Pandemic systematically closed all public recreation access in our BC Parks in March, resulting in an early closure for us up at Sovereign Lake. I want to say a huge thank you to our staff who kept trails open as long as possible and kept everyone safe. It is our #1 priority to keep our staff, members, and guests safe this winter season. With that, we have brought on some new measures to ensure the safety of all.

Since many of you have been asking the same questions, I thought it might be a good idea to answer many of these common questions right here! Here are the most popular 9 questions.


Do I need to purchase my day tickets online? 

Yes. We transitioned to a new online booking platform this November that provides a safer and more secure ticket purchasing experience for our guests. This new system allows us to contact trace visitors and control day ticket numbers to help control our parking lot congestion, and follow rules as prescribed by the BC health Authority.

This new system allows you to create your own online profile on an RFID scanning pass which will allow us to contact trace guests more effectively this winter.

What is the benefit of purchasing an RFID Upgrade for my day ticket?

The RFID Card Upgrades is a great resource for people intending to ski or Snowshoe at Sovereign more than once in the season. Fort an extra $3 you will receive an RFID Pass Card which creates a permanent personal ID Code so you can log in to our day ticket sales page and purchase tickets much more quickly. This Pass also links you to Lessons and Rental Booking opportunities and allows you to upgrade easily to a season pass membership down the road.

Are Group Tickets and Group Discounts available for the 2020-21 Season?

Group ticket discounts are not available for this season but you are still able to purchase multiple tickets for each visit in any combination of age or amount. Please note that if there are fewer than 10 tickets available for each day, this will be visible when booking your cohort or group tickets. Subject to BC Health Guidelines,  we are recommending that you only ski or snowshoe in your family or close cohort group to a maximum of 6 to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Silver Star has stopped selling Dual Area Nordic Tickets, can I still buy one at Sovereign?

Following Provincial Health guidelines, both SLNC and Silverstar are required to manage their maximum daily guests. As such, unfortunately for the 2020-21 season, neither area will be able to offer Dual Area Tickets. We apologize for the inconvenience and aim to provide the safest and highest quality experience for our members and guests.

Is SLNC limiting Day Ticket sales in 2020-21?

Yes. There is going to be a huge increase in demand for skiing this winter. In order to ensure proper social distancing and ensure that our public spaces are not overburdened, we are controlling the number of day tickets sold each day. These available numbers will fluctuate. throughout the season. If day tickets are sold out for a designated time window or day it will not allow you to purchase tickets. We have created two purchasing options each day. A Morning or Afternoon Pass. There are more Day Tickets available in the afternoons each day so we recommend that you try and adjust your typical skiing schedule to perhaps come later in the day. Especially on busy weekends.

How and where do I pick up my Day Tickets once purchased online?

We have two brand new ticket windows outside in front of the lodge that you can validate your ticket purchase at. Please either bring a printed copy of your receipt or show us your confirmation email on your phone on arrival to confirm your identity in the system. You musty validate your purchase by having it scanned at our ticket windows prior to skiing. BC Parks staff will be assisting us with ticket validation this winter. If you chose to get an RFID Card Upgrade then we will provide you with that new card on your arrival. DAY TICKETS ARE NOT VALID UNTIL SCANNED AT OUR TICKET KIOSKS.

I bought a ticket in advance and I’m unable to make it, can I change my ticket?

Yes, please email us at [email protected] a couple days prior to your next visit with your new date to use your ticket.

How do I pick up or reserve rentals for my visit?

The lodge is still open at this time and we request that you line up and ensure proper social distancing when entering the facility. Face masks MUST be worn inside all SLNC facilities. We will be allowing 10. family units into the lodge at one time. There is no sit-down space this winter other than for trying on boots in the designated boot fitting area. You cannot leave any personal items in the lodge during your ski or snowshoe. The washroom upstairs is available for rental users. Our other washrooms are accessed from the lower south access point of the building.

Can I use the lodge this winter with COVID restrictions?

Access to the lodge will be limited this winter and there will be no sit down seating or socializing opportunities as in the past. That being said, there will still be access to the lodge for using the downstairs washrooms, and for use by the public to pick up rental equipment.

There will still be a selection of club merchandise, custom SLNC Facemasks, beverages, and snacks available inside the facility to purchase. All day-tickets will be purchased online for the 2020-21 season. More of that info to come in our next Q&A e-blast.


How do the new scannable tickets and passes work?

We are moving to an RFID (Radio Frequency ID) scan card for all season pass users and applicable ticket users this year. Provincial Health guidelines have mandated us to provide better systems to effectively track facility usage by our membership and guests throughout the winter, to help reduce congestion in our parking lots, facilities, and primary trail access points.

Upon arrival at each visit, you will need to go to the lodge and scan your ticket ID Card or present a copy of your receipt at any one of our new ticket kiosks which will be located next to the front doors on your right. This process should only take 20-30 seconds.

This new system allows us to contact trace effectively each day while keeping it a fast and unobtrusive process for our members and guests. By using RFID technology you also have a permanent ID code making subsequent visits or annual season pass purchases much quicker. There is no personal information stored on these cards aside from your name and ID number. Your photo is no longer located on the card and is only stored in our system for validation purposes.


We look forward to seeing all of our ski friends back at Sovereign Lake in November. Please take into consideration these new challenging requirements and show some extra sympathy and support to our staff through this transition period.