Sovereign Lake Officials Resource Centre

Welcome to the Sovereign Lake Officials Development and Resource Centre. This webpage is designed to provide officials with all of the required resources and background documentation to host a gamut of events from Regional Cup Biathlon races to Tier 1 FIS Canada Cups and beyond. Once complete, this page should be the one-stop shop for event hosting, officials’ development and reporting.

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We look forward to assisting you in your officiating journey.

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Expense Claims Form (2023)

Compensation Forms

  • SLNC Expense Form
  • SLNC Expense Policy

Chief of Competition Resources

  • Pre-Event Checklist
  • Post Event Checklist


Chief of Timing Resources


Chief of Stadium Resources


Chief of Course Resources


Chief of Course Control Resources


Chief of Course Marshalls Resources


Cross Country Officials List:

  • Officials L1
  • Officials L2
  • Officials L3
  • Officials L4
  • Officials L5

Biathlon Officials List:

  • Gold