Ages: 30+

Masters Race Team


(Program updates were made on July 20th. Please check the latest schedule and descriptions.) 


The new Master’s Race Team offers a year-round training program for athletes with a focus on fine-tuning technical skills, ski-specific dryland and on-snow training, improving race tactics and speed development including uphills and downhills. The program is designed for those who are wanting to train full-time (5-6 days a week), compete in races and have more one-on-one time with the Master’s coach. Race support at BC Cups and other select races (see schedule section) is included.

It is expected that those in this program participate in BC Cup level races, select regional races, S2S Ski Marathon and often Masters Championships. The training will incorporate a few months of dryland, including ski bounding, roller skiing, strength workouts, cycling and running, as well as on-snow training throughout the winter months. As representatives and great skiers of SLNC, all athletes in this program (and Academy) will help coach/volunteer in our programs on occasion.

The Sovereign Masters Race Team program promotes the joy of skiing, improving technical, tactical and physical skiing skills in a social setting while working hard and racing as a team. The Master’s Lead Coach will have a pre and post-season meeting (ie: Sept & April) personally with each athlete, and more regularly as needed to advise and adjust your personalized training program, review technique and goals etc. You are required to source and have a Yearly Training program (YTP). Contact Jessica Roach [email protected] for suggestions on where to source a YTP program.

The Sovereign Masters Race Team (SMRT) program runs 2-3 times per week in the off-season (May-Oct), and 4-5 times per week in the winter (Nov-March), plus social ski sessions in the winter. 

Participant Limit: 20 athletes, please fill out the required self-questionnaire/athlete profile this will help you and the coach find the right program fit for you. We will also use the summer sessions to help you find the right fit. If you are unsure, it is best to contact us for a discussion before registering. The Master’s Coach will finalize the Sovereign Masters Race team roster by Aug 31. If you register for SMRT and by Aug 31 the coach along with you decides the Performance Team is a better fit for you we will refund the difference. 

Cost: 2022/23 season: $1200 per person (July 26 through March), plus your season pass registration fee. Race support is included at BC Cups and select other races.

Expected 2023/24 season $1500 per person (May-March), plus a season pass registration fee, subject to review.

All participants must also have a 2022-23 Season Pass in order to have access to SLNC Programming. See the Schedule section for more details.

Make sure to check out our FAQs tab on this page to get more information and details about this program and possible adjustments.

Is this sounding like it is a bit outside of your abilities? We are offering the Masters Performance Group similar to last season’s Masters HP Program.

*Please note that the training times for this group could change depending on the group’s availability, this will be a consensus discussion once the team is finalized.

**Please let us know if you think the Master’s Race Team is a good fit for you other than the training times, as noted above it may be possible to adjust.

***No formal programming: Dec 19-Jan 2

Races of Note:

Teck BC Cup #1, Jan 7-9, Whistler

OK Cup #1, Jan 15, Kamloops

BC Cup #2, Feb 18-19, Revelstoke

BC Championships, March 3-5, Telemark

OK Cup #2, March 12, Nickel Plate

Master World Championships, March 18-24, Seefeld Austria

S2S, April 1-2, Sovereign/Silver Star

Variety of possible Loppets

*Please note that the training times for this group could change depending on the group’s availability, this will be a consensus discussion once the team is finalized. Please let us know if you think the Master’s Race Team is a good fit for you other than the training times, as noted above it may be possible to adjust.

**No formal programming: Dec 19-Jan 2


Jessica Roach – Masters Lead Coach

Jessica comes from Ontario originally, beginning her nordic ski career with Team Hardwood. Having the mentorship of her coach Jack Sasseville, she always knew she wanted to give back to the sport by coaching. Following a ski racing career during high school and university, and being able to compete in Scandinavia and throughout North America, it was time to shift focus from competing to coaching. Jessica was the top Senior Women skier in 2019/20 season. Once retiring from racing, Jessica moved to BC and was the Head Coach at Nickel Plate Nordic Center near Penticton for the past two years. This past season she also coached for Nordiq Canada at the Canada B-Tour and US SuperTour in 2021-22.

While training in Ontario, the Master’s race team trained and raced alongside the younger athletes. With this unique experience and coaching the Master’s Team at Nickel Plate, it was clear that she loved working with Masters athletes. When the opportunity at SLNC was presented, she jumped at the chance!

“SLNC is a spectacular facility and community, not to mention the amazing area”. Jessica loves all the biking and skiing that is so close by and cannot wait for the snow to start falling.


Head Coach: Jacqueline Akerman

A career ski and biathlon coach, Jacqueline has been involved as a high-performance coach for 25 years in a professional capacity. The Canada Winter Games started her off as both an athlete then a coach. As a former head coach of the Camrose Ski Club and Augustana University teams, she brings extensive and diverse experience to our programs. Jacqueline, a former Jr National Development Biathlon Team athlete, transitioned into a long-term leadership career with Biathlon Canada, coaching athletes, national and junior national teams at all levels, at countless national and international events, including Youth Olympic Games, four University Games, multiple World Cups, and Championships. Her role as Coach and Athlete Development Manager and Master Coach Developer has laid a foundation on which to build a strong training environment and talented athletes. Jacqueline is a member of Nordiq Canada’s – Coach Technical Committee, proudly serving our members across the country. She has an undergraduate degree in Physical Education and a Master’s degree in Coaching.
Sport has always been a focal point for Jacqueline – starting as a distance running athlete then skiing and biathlon, Jacq has a passion for the pursuit of excellence for herself and those around her, this laid the foundation to be an incredibly skilled coach. “I learned from a young age that knowledge and long-term excellence come from hard – smart work, dedication, and patience. That the key to success in sport and in life is enjoying the work of continual improvement in technical, tactical, physical, mental and life skills, the best athletes are those that are very well rounded and love the pursuit of excellence through sport”.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


5:30pm-7:30pm 8:30am – 10:30am 8:30am – 10am 9am-10am

Social Ski 10am-noon

*Please note that the training times for this group could change depending on the group’s availability, this will be a consensus discussion once the team is finalized. Please let us know if you think the Master’s Race Team is a good fit for you other than the training times, as noted above it may be possible to adjust.


What if I am committed to training and racing but am not “fast”?
We all have different speeds, but if you are able to train effectively and efficiently weekly and will try your hardest during races – you will fit in just fine! Although, some higher-end ski techniques will be required, but we’ll work on that regardless! 


Do I have to go to the races outlined for the Master’s Race team?

As a Masters Race Team member you are expected to take part in the Provincial and Regional races (BC Cup’s, OK Cup’s), and of course the S2S Ski Marathon! However, it would be amazing if you also have your sights set on the World Masters Championships, but we understand if it’s not possible at the moment. 


BC cups provided excellent race opportunities for you to hone your skills and helps our club as a whole in representing Sovereign in the province while contributing to the club’s total points aggregate. There could always be reasons to adjust these expectations, you will review this with the Masters Lead coach at your intake meeting, finding the appropriate race opportunities for you and the team.


What if I don’t roller ski?  What if I don’t Run? What if I don’t bike?

Nordic Dryland training typically consists of roller skiing (classic and skate), SkiErg, running, hiking, ski striding, strength training, and biking (mountain and road). Some of these activities will be done with the team and some independently. If you are new to roller-skiing and ski-striding, we will work on getting you comfortable by starting with the basics and ensuring your safety. If you have been introduced to those, we will meet your skill level and work with you to improve your competencies and technique. Sometimes you are advised by your doctor/physio to avoid certain activities, and that’s okay. We will adjust training methods to suit your needs! However, being able to do at least two of the above training modes is strongly advised. 

What if I can’t commit to year round training? 

No problem, although the Race team is designed for year round, full time commitment, we know some focus on other sports during the summer or are off exploring, though we do not prorate our race team program fees (Academy included) you can attend when it works for you, the coach can still support you from afar within reason. That said in order to create a strong team of dedicated athletes and training partners we encourage year round commitment and hope that 80% of the team can be attending regularly at any given time.

Can I write my own YTP?

Yes, if you have the skill set you can provide your own YTP go for it.


Where can I purchase a YTP?

Contact Jessica Roach [email protected] for suggestions.


Will you allow drop-ins?

Drop-ins will not be permitted for the 2022/23 season.