Masters XC Season Plan

It is always best to start with a plan.

On Sundays, we will focus on group skiing and fun challenges.

On Thursday mornings, there will be different groups with different goals for Fitness, Intensity, Time, and Technique.

On Thursday nights, we will have the usual technique and fitness program.

The groups for Thursday have slightly changed to reflect our new reality. The upside of smaller numbers this year is more room to personalize the plan. The Skookum Skaters follow a different progression on the same dates and add a technique option for Sunday morning.

The list of Thursdays below is final, subject to updated rules from Dr. Bonnie Henry, ViaSport (the BC sport parent body), BC Parks, or the Club. The groups may change again depending on how many choose each group.

Gantt chart of season plan

Season Schedule 2020/2021 (C means classic, S means skate)

Week 1+2 Classic Classics 4 Breathe Easy (Mostly Skate) 5 Breathe Easy Too (Mostly Classic) 6 Breathe Harder 7 Greyhound
1, Dec 2 Balance S: Balance/Stance C: Balance/Stance C: Balance/Stance C: Balance/Stance
2, Dec 9 Stance S: Static/Dynamic C: Static/Dynamic C: Static/Dynamic C: Static/Dynamic
3, Dec 16 Poling S: Balance/Stance S: Balance/Stance S: Poling S: Poling+Intensity
4, Dec 30 Poling S: Poling C: Poling C: Poling C: Poling+Intensity
5, Jan 6 One step, aka KDP S: Poling S: Poling S: Uphill+Speed S: Uphill+Intensity
6, Jan 13 Uphill S: Uphill C: Uphill C: Uphill+Speed C: Uphill+Intensity
7, Jan 20 Downhill S: Uphill one skate S: Uphill one skate S:Transition+Speed S: Transition+Speed
8, Jan 27 Terrain S: Transition C: Transition C:Transition+Speed C: Transition+Speed
9, Feb 3 Transition S: Speed play S: Speed play S:Relay (Tips Up course) S: Relay (Tips Up course)
10, Feb 10 Transition S: Downhill C: Downhill C: Downhill C: Downhill
11, Feb 17 Speed S: Challenge S: Challenge S: Challenge S: Challenge
12, Feb 24 Challenge S: Speed play C: Speed play C: Steady ski w speed C: Steady ski w speed
13, Mar 3 Challenge S: Challenge S: Challenge S: Up and down challenge S: Up and down challenge
Mar 12 Best in Snow 10km Best in Snow 10km Best in Snow 30km Best in Snow 30km Best in Snow 30km


The New Groups

To help returning masters remember the groups last year, one leader is named per group. As with so much of 2020, changes and additions are possible.

1 Classy Classics This group is for skiers who are young in their skiing. Using only the classic technique, this group will focus on improving skiing and getting comfortable doing longer skiing days. Time in the presence of Shirley Pommier will change your life.
2 Classy Classics x2 This is the progression from group 1. If you are comfortable on your classic skis, Peggy Graham-Morel will lead you to the next level.
3 Skookum Skaters Learn or improve your skating. As with the Classy Classics, this is the onramp to the more advanced levels. Pat van Mullem leads a cast of thousands (okay, not thousands, but it IS too many leaders to count).
4 Breathe Easy Mostly skating with a little classic, this group focuses on covering more distance without working harder. January will bring a gentle shift to more time spent on improving fitness, but ‘easy’ will always be central to the plan. Don’t have classic skis? No worries, your leader Gerry F will adapt.
5 Breathe Easy Too Mostly classic with a little skating, this group is the mirror image of the one above. The primary leader will be Gerry B who has started more skiers than any other club member.
6 Breathe Harder Skiers who like to ski longer and further, but are missing the racing gene. The fitness component is centred on making long ski days enjoyable and long-term health. This group will learn to ski more efficiently at a touring pace. Mike Bell will lead the progression to ski nirvana.
7 Greyhound/Pain Cave This is for skiers who want to ski faster and more efficiently. Specific intensity sessions will develop ski-specific fitness. Technique content will be focussed on skiing faster without working hard. Pat Pearce will be sharing how she came to have a collection of World Masters medals that weighs more than she does.
8 Good Knight Skiers An alternative to skiing Thursday mornings, this skate-only session features a special leader ready to manage the larger range of skill levels.