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Skiers wishing to take dogs on designated Dog Trails MUST be an SLNC Club Member for the 2020-21 season. Dog Day Tickets are no longer being offered. 

Dogs (on leashes) are permitted in the following areas, under the full control of their owners:

  • Wylie’s Loop and Montezuma complex (Montezuma, Montezuma Revenge, and White Elephant) all known as “The Zuma’s”, are to be used as the SLNC Dog Trails. See Dog Trail Map for more details.
  • The route to the Zuma’s is from the south end of the lower parking lot next to the sliding hill, onto Wylies Loop heading left and accessing the stadium adjacent the fly-over bridge at the terminus of Wylies Loop at the Stadium. Please follow marked signs. Individuals who use the Zuma’s should be prepared to meet dogs at any time.

Dogs are not allowed in the general stadium area or on any other SLNC trails used by skiers or snowshoers.

Dog Owners are required to sign the Downloadable Code of Conduct Form prior using SLNC Dog Trails.

Should a violation of these rules occur, the dog owners season pass will immediately be revoked.


Dog Passes are available at the SLNC Ticket Counter after providing your Season Pass information.


*The owner MUST provide a full-body photograph of each dog when purchasing your season pass. This pass is non-transferable between family dogs.


Sovereign Lake Nordic Club (SLNC) understands some individuals wish to ski with their dogs and also accepts that some individuals feel threatened by dogs. This policy attempts to find a fair balance between the interests of both.

Note: In this policy, “owner” refers to the person in charge of the dog while at SLNC.
All dog owners using the SLNL Dog Trails are required to be aware of this policy. All members, whether dog owners or not, should be familiar with the policy to support enforcement.


  • To make users of SLNC aware of what they can expect in matters related to dogs.
  • To promote responsible use of the trails and facilities by skiers with dogs.
  • To limit SLNC liability arising from incidents involving dogs.
  • To encourage mutual respect between those people who ski with their dogs and those who do not.
  • To prescribe areas where dogs are permitted and to allow for flexibility to accommodate specific events which may take place at SLNC.
  • To outline procedures for responding to incidents regarding dog and owner behavior.
  • If a dog bites a human or another dog or displays aggressive behavior while at SLNC, the incident must be reported immediately and the owner of the dog will be contacted by SLNC staff or a member of the SLNC Board. In the interest of safety, the dog’s trail privileges will be withdrawn immediately until a resolution is reached.
  • If an owner wishes to appeal any of the above sanctions or policies, they may contact the SLNC General Manager which will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for review. SLNC reserves the right to confiscate the owners Season Pass at their discretion.
  • At the time of the initial Dog Season Pass purchase and the initial Day Pass purchase, the owner will sign that he/she has read the Dog Trail Policy and agrees to follow the Conditions and the stated Code of Conduct. This agreement will be kept on file with the dog identification data at SLNC.
  • Owners who refuse to comply with the Conditions and Code of Conduct may have their ski passes and/or dog passes revoked and they may be banned from further use of SLNC facilities.
  • Maximum of one dog per skier.
  • All dogs must have an SLNC Dog Tag attached to the neck or harness when using SLNC dog trail network. This display will have a unique number that is registered with SLNC and be easily seen.
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times. The leash length must not be longer than 3 meters and the leash/skijor line must be secured to the skier and not hand-held. Retractable leashes are not allowed.
  • Dogs must not be secured or left unattended in public traffic areas, specifically adjacent to the lodge.
  • Dogs are not permitted inside the Lodge or other Buildings.