RFID System Q&A Page

What is RFID?

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is a technology that encodes digital data and enables RFID-equipped cardholders hands-free access to lifts, reloading, and reuse capabilities.

Do I need a new pass photo for my Season Pass?

Yes, this year everyone must upload a new photo when purchasing a Season Pass. Please follow all online requirements for pass photos. Your photo will not appear on the new RFID-equipped  Card. It will be stored in your User Account and viewable to staff only to verify your pass each visit.

Can I have my pass photo taken at the Lodge?

Not at this time. Please upload a photo to your account.

Can I pay for my Season Pass with cash or a check?

All Season Pass sales are through the website and require a credit or, VISA debit card for your purchase.

When can I purchase day tickets?

Day Tickets will be available online at the end of October on through the SLNC e-store.

Can I buy Punch Passes this year?

Punch Passes will no longer be available as the new RFID card system allows you to purchase your tickets from home. Your RFID card will be a permanent punch pass essentially, upload new day passes, lessons, or rental with ease.

Is SLNC offering any credit for unused 2019/20 punch passes?

SLNC will redeem all existing (non-expired) Punch Passes and provide you with a reloadable RFID card valued at the remaining balance of your existing Punch Pass. This transaction will take place at the SLNC Day lodge through the new estore platform. Please contact [email protected] for further instructions.

Do I need to sign any agreements or risk forms for my Season Pass?

Yes, all 2020/21 Season Pass holders will be required to sign an Agreement/Notification of Risk Waiver at the time of purchase. Passholders age 18 and younger must have the forms signed by a parent or legal guardian.

When do discounted Season Pass sales end?

Discounted pass sales end on OCTOBER 31, 2020. Starting November 1, 2020 passes are sold at the regular price for the remainder of the season.

I have a Season Pass with another club in BC. Will I get a $19 refund on my SLNC Season Pass to cover the CCBC/NC Insurance Fee?

All Season Pass members who have either pre-paid for SLNC Programs or have memberships at other BC Ski Clubs will be reimbursed for your additional $19 directly from Zone 4. Please allow up to two weeks for this process to take place. If after two weeks you have received your refund please contact us.