Growth in our Masters Program

With almost 270 Masters skiers in our Masters XC Program alone, it is impossible not to call this whole thing a gigantic success. It is so exciting to see so much growth in this program, a program that started just 4 short years ago with 20 participants. It would not be possible without the amazing dedication of our coaches and the organizing team. Our Master HP group, maxed at 30 participants is ready to grow for next season and had some amazing success stories this winter harvesting medals at local, National and International competitions.

This program is starting to draw in national and international attention with skiers from all over the place wanting to move here and join in the fun. We’re not joking…this is really a thing. They love skiing at Sovereign so much they are willing to move across the country or to another country in some cases. It is already happening!

Have an amazing summer everyone and we look forward to seeing you out on the trails in the offseason.