Stay Safe And Avoid Unnecessary Travel At This Time


With the travel advisory issued by Dr. Bonnie Henry on November 19th, we are requesting that people from outside the Okanagan region stay home at this time and limit any unnecessary travel as directed by the PHO.

To view the latest travel restrictions please check out the BC Governments Health Advisory page HERE. This restriction is in effect until December 7th.

If you are unable to come to Sovereign this winter we are honouring all pass refunds. If you are purchasing day tickets please be cognizant of these new rulings and book no more than a week from your visit as we do not refund day tickets.


15 thoughts on “Stay Safe And Avoid Unnecessary Travel At This Time

  1. I live in Prince George and own a cabin at Silverstar. I come there frequently. I have purchased 5 days skiing starting Nov 25 to Nov 29. Pls advise if i can ski or if you will refund.

  2. As I am a Central Okanagan resident and am unable to use my season pass until at least after December 7th will I receive a credit or partial refund of my pass? I was planning to ski at SLNC at least 4 times during the restrictions. Also, what are you going to do for non- North Okanagan pass holders if this situation persists.

  3. Does Silver Star residents include people renting at Silver Star (temporary residents)? I have guests renting my place for the next couple of weeks who are planning to ski at Silver Star and Sovereign. understand the latest PHO regarding travel is an advisory only, not a mandate. It does not appear other ski clubs such as Silver Star or Big White have introduced a “locals only” limitation as a result of a similar interpretation.

  4. What about children that have registered for programs? Are they excluded if they don’t live within the stated communities?

  5. I’m sorry, I have followed the link and also posted the question as to the definition of a “region” as per the travel advisory on the provincial website with no clarification. I understood that it meant travel outside of your designated health region and not within in. Can you please post a link where it distinguishes between North, Central, and South Okanagan vs Interior Health?

  6. Ok, I really hope you have not censored my question? I am only looking to understand how you have come to this decision and would appreciate a link to where this is published on the BC Government website that you have based this decision on.

  7. A bit confusing. In Yesterday’s newsletter you say that you will be honouring season pass holders. Yet this note and the Nov21 declaration says you won’t.

    If a season pass holder comes to Sovereign and from A community not listed in the permitted are you telling them they can’t ski.

    Cross country skiing has very limited exposure. Way less than down hill. Yet they are allowing season pass holders and frankly day users from anywhere in. Most of your season pass holders are from our valley. Okanagan, same health region. Somebody should ask Dr Bonnie. You are the valleys local ski hill

    1. Hi Gary, yes you may come to ski, however please take the necessary precautions by wearing a mask in the lodge, was hands frequently and stay home if you’re feeling under the weather.

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