Reflecting on our Closure This Day Last Year

COVID-19: It has been exactly one year since our club was turned upside down. With a forced closure notice across the province of all BC Parks, Sovereign operations ended abruptly for the 2019-20 season.
What was to come over the next year brought sorrow to so many who lost loved ones, many lost jobs and all were separated from friends and family through forced lockdowns and restrictions. Thank you to our PHO for guiding us safely through this challenging year.
There is a glowing light at the end of this long tunnel. We are so fortunate to have a family here at Sovereign to keep our facility open through this long pandemic. Your kind words of support are so appreciated as we wrap up this challenging season.
We miss our friends from afar deeply but rejoice in the fact that next winter, things may return to some semblance of normalcy.
Thank you for this amazing season. SLNC closes for the winter on April 11th, 2021.
Happy Spring Everyone!
Troy Hudson –  SLNC General Manager

3 thoughts on “Reflecting on our Closure This Day Last Year

  1. This has been an awesome ski season for me. Thanks to all the sovereign staff and volunteers who have made it so great to be here. Definitely THE highlight of my winter/spring. The virtual fast and curious has been so fun?. Best ski season yet!

  2. Many thanks to the General Manager and staff at Sovereign for their handling of the operations of the club thought the 20/21 season. A job well done, allowing a record number of members and day ticket users, unrestricted access to the wonders Sovereign has to offer. What would we have done without you?

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