Results of the Call for nominations 2021 – SLNC Board

The 2021 Elections Committee is pleased to announce that five SLNC members put their names forward to run for the Board. Since seven Director positions were available, all of the nominees will become members of the Board by acclamation. They will start their 2-year terms at the virtual AGM on October 20th, 2021:

Sue Cairns (new)
Malcolm Devine (new)
Tara Fulop (returning)
Dren Maloku (new)
Hugh Seaton (returning)

Please take the time to read over the profiles of the five acclaimed Board members and get acquainted with those who spend a great deal of time helping to run our club.

View Board Member Bios

The five acclaimed Board members will join three continuing Board members (Cynthia Flores, Bill Miller and Rob Oxenham) who are starting the second year of their two-year terms.

Thank you to all Board members for your service to the club.

Respectfully submitted,

The SLNC 2021 Elections Committee
Franck Prat and Kim Taylor