First Snow Fall Contest

Here at Sovereign Lake Nordic Club, we are seriously passionate about snow!

So much so, that we want to celebrate when it arrives. Furthermore.. we want to reward YOU for your best (clearly educated of course…) guess at the first snowfall which fully covers our stadium. Way to go you meteorologist, you!

As snow and community are what we are all about, we have three wonderful prizes for our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place contest winners. Our prizes come to us from our very own front desk, the wonderful Stussi Sport & Ratio Coffee Shop.

1st place will be awarded to the first person who chooses the right date; 2nd place will be awarded to the 2nd person on the list with the right date and 3rd place goes to the 3rd person on the list with the right date so hurry and make your selection!!  To spice up the excitement, we will have the first-place winner choose which prize they want, 2nd place will get to choose from the remaining 2 prizes and 3rd place will receive the remaining prize.

Prize #1: Sovereign Lake Nordic Club Season’s Pass. *You will receive a refund if you have already purchased your individual season pass.
Prize #2: Stussi Sport gift basket. with an assortment of wax, a Stussi mug, gift card, and hat.
Prize #3: Ratio Coffee Shop gift basket containing a toque, coffee beans, a mug, and stickers.

Contest Rules:

  1. Contestants can submit 1 guess.
  2. The contest submission period ends October 10th, 2023 at 11:59 pm.
  3. The contest winner is the individual who has the guess closest (by the minute, hour, day) with full ground coverage of the cross-country stadium. *In the scenario where the winner is an exact tie, 1st place will be awarded to the answer which was recorded first.*
  4. We are utilizing our webcam and video surveillance system to prove when full ground coverage is attained.
  5. You do not have to be local! Let’s spread that snow stoke around for all to enjoy!

Our goal with this contest is to appreciate our lovely community of skiing & snow enthusiasts! We hope you have fun!

To enter to contest please fill out this Google Form

For any questions or concerns, please contact Eric: [email protected]

Free E-Learning for National Coaches Week

Happy National Coaches Week! Thank you for all of the hard work that you put into the club, and ski community that we have up at Sovereign Lake.

To help celebrate Nationals Coaches Week from Sept 16th – 24th  NCCP is offering free online e-learning courses. NCCP is offering a different course each day next week. You have to start the course on a set day but you can come back to it and finish it later if you do not have time to do it right away. 

The courses are:

Making Headway in Sport – Sept 16th

Emergency Action Plan Module – Sept 17th

Coach Initiation into Sport – Sept 18th

Creating a Positive Sport Environment – Sept 19th

Sport Nutrition – Sept 20th

Coaching Athletes with Disabilities – Sept 21st

Leading Drug-Free Sport – Sept 22nd

Mental Health in Sport – Sept 23rd

Support through Sport  – Sept 24th

Here is the link to all of the courses:

2023/2024 Early Bird Season Passes On Sale & Youth Programs Registration Open June 26th at 8:00 AM

2023/2024 Season Passes and Youth Program Registration will open on Monday, June 26th, 2023 at 8:00 AM.  Please check the new pricing structure which is now live on the website.

Coming Soon! Master Programs registration will ready shortly. Thanks for your patience.

We look forward to seeing you back at Sovereign Lake!

Youth Programs Town Hall Meeting, May, 2023

Youth Programs Town Hall Meeting, May 2023

Thank you to parents and athletes for taking the time to attend the Youth Programs Town Hall hosted by board members and Programs staff. Your voices are important. Minutes for that meeting are located with other regular board minutes.  “Youth Programs Town Hall Meeting, May 2023”

We already have a resolution on Action item #3. Due to a Memorandum of Understanding between SD22 and SLNC the Academy entry point will remain the same, at grade 8, for this season. Any potential future changes will be discussed at the Programs Committee in the fall.

Sue Cairns

Skills Development Program Coaching Refreshers

Skill Development Program Coaching Refreshers

Nov 20 (Sat): Track attack coaches
Nov 21 (Sun): Jack rabbit coaches
Dec 4 (Sat): Bunnies coaches

Both returning and new volunteer coaches for our three SDP programs are encouraged to attend the appropriate on-snow coaching refresher. Summer has been long, our minds aren’t necessarily coaching-fresh and our legs aren’t snow-ready. Come out and get your head back into the coaching mindset, learn new tips/tricks, help build confidence in your coaching, and receive a personal technique update just for yourself.

Duration: 90 mins
Where: Meet in front of the old lodge building
Time: 9:00 am – 10:30 am
What will be covered: Program Practice Session (drills, skills, games, share ideas), Technique session, Equipment available, etc.
Registration: Email Andrew at [email protected]
Cost: Free to all volunteer coaches

Results of the Call for nominations 2021 – SLNC Board

The 2021 Elections Committee is pleased to announce that five SLNC members put their names forward to run for the Board. Since seven Director positions were available, all of the nominees will become members of the Board by acclamation. They will start their 2-year terms at the virtual AGM on October 20th, 2021:

Sue Cairns (new)
Malcolm Devine (new)
Tara Fulop (returning)
Dren Maloku (new)
Hugh Seaton (returning)

Please take the time to read over the profiles of the five acclaimed Board members and get acquainted with those who spend a great deal of time helping to run our club.

View Board Member Bios

The five acclaimed Board members will join three continuing Board members (Cynthia Flores, Bill Miller and Rob Oxenham) who are starting the second year of their two-year terms.

Thank you to all Board members for your service to the club.

Respectfully submitted,

The SLNC 2021 Elections Committee
Franck Prat and Kim Taylor

RESULTS of the 2019 Call for nominations – SLNC Board of Directors

Dear SLNC Members:

The 2019 Elections Committee is pleased to announce that five SLNC members put their names forward to run for the Board.  Since six Director positions were available, the five nominees will become members of the Board by acclamation. They will start their 2-year terms at the AGM on October 16th, 2019:

Marcus Boyle (new)
Sandra Ecclestone (returning)
Tara Fulop Conner (new)
Anja Lee (new)
Hugh Seaton (new)

Profiles of the five acclaimed Board members are posted HERE, and you can meet them at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, October 16th.  The AGM will start at 7:00 pm a the Schubert Centre.  Coffee, cookies, information tables, and socializing will be available beforehand at 6:00 PM.

The five acclaimed Board members will join four continuing Board members (Lynn Algra, Pat Pearce, Brent Ree, and Brian Wills) who are starting the second year of their two-year terms.  This means there will be nine directors plus one vacant position on the Board.

Congratulations and thank you to all Board members — including Sylvia Herchen, Guy Morazain, Mark Nichiporuk, and Greg Sadesky, who are completing two years of service on the Board.

Respectfully submitted,

The SLNC 2019 Elections Committee
Doug Geller, Randy Savoie, Kim Taylor

NorAm Weekend: Volunteers made it Super

US rising star Julia Kern leads two-time Canadian Olympian Dahria Beatty over the bridge in Saturday's sprint.
Rising US star Julia Kern (bib 101) and two-time Canadian Olympian Dahria Beatty (right) lead the pack over the bridge in Saturday’s sprint. (Photo: Peggy Hung)

Sovereign Lake hosted a major cross country skiing event last weekend, thanks to more than 100 volunteers who put in the time and effort to create a successful race weekend for hundreds of visiting racers.

The NorAm series is one step below the World Cup and is used to qualify racers to move up to the World Cup, the World Championships, and the national team. The US SuperTour series is the same level, but for American racers.

Both series came to Sovereign Lake last weekend, along with every top skier in North America. 8 PyeongChang Olympians were spotted on the trails, among the 450 skiers who raced each day. Athletes from Alaska, Québec, Vermont, California, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Alberta made their way onto the podium, while over 200 young BC skiers got to ski the same courses as the top stars.

Want to know more about the races and what the athletes thought about their visit to our trails? FasterSkier was covering the event and has video interviews and photo galleries here.

This event helps develop young athletes, earns money for the club, and attracts interest from cross country skiers all over North America. Without our volunteers, none of this would be possible.

The event features future Olympians too. Since 2002, every Canadian who has raced at the Olympics raced at Sovereign Lake first. (Photo: Kent Murdoch)

All Action Weekend

Zen late morning after the elite skiers head home.
Peaceful late morning after the elite skiers are finished for the day.

Sovereign Lake is busy with elite racers this week. Each weekday morning, more than a hundred of the best skiers in North America are here training for this weekend’s racing. Each weekday at around 11am, they all leave to rest and recover.

The Sovereign team getting ready for the weekend.

All of the top skiers in North America are here for a combined NorAm and SuperTour race weekend. Come out on Saturday to see the sprints and Sunday for the distance races, and then go out for your own ski.

The stadium, dog trails, World Cup, Passmore, and Aberdeen will be closed both Saturday and Sunday for the races. That leaves about 30km of ski trails and all the snowshoe trails for non-racers.

Record Opening Weekend

Day 8 of the new season. November 12, 2018
Day 8 of the new season. November 12, 2018

Sovereign Lake had a record opening weekend, with 1,001 day tickets sold, and all three days of the long weekend setting records.

As usual in the early season, there are visiting teams. The BC Talent Squad was here for the weekend, along with Telemark and Larch Hills.  The Alberta World Cup Academy arrived on Monday for a week of skiing.

The ski trail conditions are great. Snowshoers are still waiting for a bit more snow. Do your snow dance!