Call for Nominations to the 2016 Board of Directors

SLNC Wants You!

There are 5 available vacancies to be filled on the Board of Directors at the AGM on October 19th. The Board is comprised of 10 members. Terms are 2 years, which means that every year 5 spots are open for nominations.

In accordance with the Club’s bylaws, an Elections Committee has been established to accept nominations and oversee the election of Directors. The Elections Committee is comprised of volunteers Hugh Hamilton, Olaf Plummer and David Thomson.

Members in good standing wishing to be nominated to the Board must submit a short biography and a photograph (head shot) to the Elections Committee at [email protected]. Nominations must be submitted in writing by midnight Sunday, October 10. In order to ensure fairness and in accordance with the Club’s bylaws, nominations will not be accepted after the nomination deadline of October 10. Names of nominees and bios will be posted on the club website 5 days prior to the election.

Additional information on duties and responsibilities of Directors can be found on the Club website under the Ski Club link.