SLNC Launches Spirit North Program for the 2022-23 Season


Spirit North is a national charitable organization that uses land-based activities to improve the health and well-being of Indigenous youth, empowering them to become unstoppable in sport, school and life. Through the transformative power of sport and play, our participants learn important lessons, discover untold potential and build the confidence and courage needed to overcome the hardships Indigenous youth often face.

Working in partnership with schools and communities, our active, participation-based programs are designed to make Indigenous youth feel unstoppable, helping them develop skills that improve their performance in the classroom and deepen their connection to their communities.

We know that having a meaningful connection to the land is pivotal, and regular access to sport and land-based activity has the ability to improve physical health, mental health and community health. We’ve seen the transformative power of our programs – youth becoming leaders, achieving academic success and becoming vibrant, engaged members of their communities.

By delivering Spirit North programs to Indigenous youth in their own communities, we overcome common barriers to participation like geographic isolation and socio-economic limitations. Last year alone, over 6,300 Indigenous youth across 6 provinces and territories, in 62 communities and 77 schools took part in Spirit North programs – and we’re just getting started.

We are excited to work with the Okanagan Indian Band on this program and bring smiles to faces, unique outdoor adventures, and enduring memories to kids in our Indigenous Communities in the Okanagan.