SLNC New Board of Directors for 2022-23

1. Sabre Cherkowski
Nominated by: Rob Oxenham, Bill Miller

I am a new member of the Sovereign Lake Nordic Club as a new cross-country skier and snowshoer. As part of the
Masters XC group last year, I explored the trails for the first time and was blown away by the beauty and the vastness of
the trails, as well as the strong sense of community and enjoyment from the members. I volunteered as part of the S2S
event and decided that I wanted to continue to invest in SLNC as a participant and a volunteer. My professional
experiences as a professor and administrator in the School of Education at UBC Okanagan, as well as my personal
experiences as a coach, and a parent volunteer for many of my children’s activities and sports have provided me with skills in
communication, strategic planning, finance and budgeting, working with volunteers, and working as part of a team. I
have experience leading groups and have developed skills for working through conflict and mediating tensions. As a
board member, I would look forward to working for and with the members of SLNC to sustain the best of what works
well, and grow and improve where needed. I look forward to another great year of adventures in the trails this winter!


2. Dave Dennier
Nominated by: Cyndy Flores, Malcolm Devine

Why are you interested in running for the Board?
We all know that Sovereign Lake is a unique setting that should be treasured. We also know that interest in outdoor
activities has grown rapidly. I’d like to apply my experience in strategic development, commercial operations, and
project management to advance SLNC’s facilities and operations to meet the needs of guests for decades to come.
Is there a specific skill or interest that would make you a valuable member of the Board?
I have an undergrad degree in experimental physics and majored in finance and management science when I completed
my MBA. I have over 20 years of commercial experience that spans engineering project management, writing proposals
for customers, customer relationship management, developing and implementing strategic business improvements,
preparing new organizational structures, and firsthand detailed knowledge of $100 M company budget development,
commercial operations, and prudent financial/risk management. I am well practiced at establishing commercial bases
for projects, and writing and executing plans to implement projects to achieve the desired goals. I believe this is an
opportune time to apply this experience by supporting the development and implementation of a strategic long-term
plan and its underlying projects for the benefit of SLNC, its staff, members and guests.
Is there anything else you would like to share with the SLNC membership in considering you for a
Board position?
I work using a deeply collaborative approach, believe in rigorous stakeholder engagement, and am deeply committed to
customer satisfaction. I have presented on the challenges and merits of industry collaboration in Vienna and led
the development of a supplier relationship management program at a large power utility.
I am also an avid cross-country skier, and also enjoy snowshoeing amongst SLNC’s snow ghosts. I have skied since 2004,
and have been a member of SLNC since moving to BC in 2019. While I have volunteered at recent Nordic ski events at
Sovereign Lake, I recently started racing (I participated in the Master’s World Cup (Canmore) and the S2S skate race).
Lastly, I am happy to have my primary residence up on Silver Star Mountain. I am committed to the future of snowy
recreational pursuits!


3. Cyndy Flores
Nominated by: Pat Pearce, Sue Cairns

I have been skiing at SLNC for more than 20 years and love it so much that my husband and I bought a home here 6 years
ago.  I’ve greatly enjoyed being part of the SLNC family.  I am a volunteer leader at Masters XC and have served on the

SLNC  BOD the last 2 years.  I am part of the Masters’ HP group and served on the Organizing Committee for the
inaugural Sovereign2SilverStar marathon.
These last 2 years SLNC has not only survived a pandemic as a business, but we have experienced a tremendous amount
of organized growth, which has only made the Club stronger.  I am extremely proud to have been a small part of helping
to lead the BOD through the challenges of COVID and with our recent growth.
I’ve greatly enjoyed my work on the BOD and have learned much but I also feel there is much left to do; I feel energized
and ready to tackle what comes next.  I feel my experience on this BOD and prior not-for-profit BODs along with my
knowledge from my current leadership role at my work will allow me to continue to serve the BOD and SLNC well.
I feel honoured to have served on the BOD these last 2 years and look forward to what the future holds.
Thank you for your support.


4. Bill Miller
Nominated by: Cynthia Flores, Hugh Seaton

Why are you interested in running for the Board?
I’ve been a member of the Board since 2020 and I’m proud of what the organization has accomplished in the past 2
COVID years.  I am hoping to serve another term and continue contributing to the success of this great organization. I
discovered cross-country skiing 7 years ago and love it. I’ve been a member of SLNC for the past 7 years and my kids
previously participated in the youth programs.  New this year I’m looking forward to participating in the Master’s
program. I have tremendous respect for the SLNC – the quality of the trails and facility, the partnerships in the
community and the strength of the management and instruction.
What would make you a valuable member of the Board?
I’ve volunteered for multiple boards and organizations in the past, including the Greater Vernon Teen Initiative Society
(President and Director), Downtown Vernon Association (Director), North Okanagan Literacy Society (President, Vice
President, Director). I’m currently Treasurer for the Vernon Secondary School PAC (my only other volunteer duty at this
time). I’ve been involved in the North Okanagan business community for 17 years, all with RBC in positions including
Commercial Account Manager, Branch Manager, Regional Sales Manager and currently as a Financial Planner. I’ve had
experience in all aspects of volunteer boards, including HR, Finance, and Fundraising.


Is there anything else you would like to share with the SLNC membership in considering you for a Board position?
I’ve been involved in enough volunteer organizations to know that my goals are 1) to volunteer for something that I’m
passionate about and 2) to volunteer with a well-established and well run board. SLNC aligns to both of these goals.


5. Marshall Moleschi
Nominated by: Cyndy Flores, Karen Evans

    • Currently on the Board of SLNC.
    • Chair of the Competitions Committee.
    • Loves skiing and snowshoeing.
    • Enjoys Sovereign Lakes and wants to give back.
    • Has experience with Nordic organizations over the past 30 years.
    • Has governance experience with Societies and Colleges in the health sector, a provincial ski organization and a
      national foundation.
    • Committed to planning, developing and supporting our programs and infrastructure.
    • Committed to ensuring an outstanding winter experience for all through good governance at the board level.

For the past year, I have been an active member of the Sovereign Lake Board, and the Chair of the Competitions Committee.
I am a leader in both the SLNC’s and Kelowna Nordic’s Masters’ programs. I have my CANSI level 1 qualification.
I’ve enjoyed Sovereign Lakes trails and facilities 20 years ago when I lived in Salmon Arm, and in the past 5 years since
moving to the Okanagan for my retirement. I love the club’s spirit and I have enjoyed the club’s Masters’ Program both
as a participant and as a leader.
My past and present board experiences include many local and provincial organizations that operate under the Society
Act and other provincial and national acts. My involvement in Nordic clubs includes Larch Hills Nordic Society (Salmon
Arm), Caledonia Nordic Ski Club (Prince George) and Biathlon BC.
I offer my knowledge and skills in facilitation, planning, organization, communication and transparency to help the board
meet its obligations, responsibilities and accountabilities to our membership and to provincial authorities. For me it’s a
way I can contribute to keeping our club viable and vibrant.
Working together, we can continue to enjoy this winter wonderland for years to come.