And just like that… we are OPEN!


We have been waiting for this day for 6 long months. A summer of biking, hiking, swimming and paddling is over. It’s time to pull out those skis, grab those boots and find those poles. We are now open for the 2022-23 season!

Please note that our backcountry ski and snowshoe trails are not yet open. They will require more snow and inspection prior to opening to the public.





2 thoughts on “And just like that… we are OPEN!

  1. good morning thats mr heckmann germany
    i was former president of the wma masters and there was the mwc held at your place some yesrs ago.
    i was in the position to do my workouts on your perfect tracks at the nordic center and in silver star.
    at present i m planing a trip to your place for 10 days end november for a training camp

    the question now is where to stay which hotels are open already now etc.
    tracks are groomed as i could see

    maybe someone can give me feedback so that i can start planing.
    i m flexibel

    regards thomas heckmann

    1. Hello Thomas! Fellow ski enthusiast here, I don’t work at Sovereign though, full disclosure.

      I believe all the main hotels are open, you can try booking through SilverStar Stays as well.

      The season has started early this year, and it’s been great skiing so far! Hope to see you on the trails.

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