Annual Club Award Nominations Now Open

Awards Criteria – Sovereign Lake Nordic Club

Volunteer committee recommends the nominations of the following awards be done by the membership each year and put forward to the Board in March, with the exclusion of the 2019/2020 season, for final decision-making. This criterion will be published on the web site and in the lodge.

As part of our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Gala we present four awards based on the feedback of our membership. Please take the time to consider nominees for these awards and send your suggestions to [email protected]


Volunteer Coach of the Year: Jessica Eaman Award

Typically given every year.

  • The nominee must be an SLNC member in good standing;
  • Has demonstrated outstanding effort and results in leading a group of skiers in the club’s athlete development programs at any level from bunnies on up.
  • Is being acknowledged for their contributions – not only during this particular year.
  • Has gone above and beyond by attending coaching certification workshops, providing leadership and mentoring to newer coaches, by developing a great relationship with their group of kids, coaches who rarely if ever missed a coaching session, and those receiving positive feedback from kids and program parents.
  • SLNC is a better place because of the contributions made by this person.
  • Has displayed a sense of loyalty to our club.


Skier of the Year: from a Jackrabbit to a Master

  • Typically given every year to a club member in good standing,
  • Loves the sport of skiing and promotes skiing to encourage others,
  • The award is intended to recognize the committed skier who shows dedication to, and passion for the sport through making significant improvements in his/her skiing; and, the skier who is an ambassador of our club and the sport.
  • Achievement – striving for and reaching a goal such as overcoming some personal physical challenge or trains for and competes in some major event(s).
  • Shows good sportsmanship in their approach to skiing


Volunteer of the Year:

  • Typically given every year to a Club member in good standing,
  • This is a person who embodies the community spirit of volunteerism within the club at many levels.
  • This award should go to a person who helps out in many small ways over a long period of time; or to someone who puts in a massive effort on a focused and high priority task.
  • A typical recipient will have been active in multiple areas, such as serving on committees, task forces, volunteering at events, coaching, contributing a particular skill needed by the club,


Life Time Membership Award:

  • This award is not given every year,
  • It is intended to recognize only a select number of individuals who, through long years of service, have left a singular mark on SLNC and the sport of cross-country skiing at the club level.
  • This recipient will have left a legacy to SLNC,
  • Has contributed by mentoring others,
  • Has made a long-term commitment and/or service over many years,
  • Has displayed the characteristics of an exceptional volunteer,
  • These are the individuals whose actions exemplify the very best of our club; and they are the ones who have helped make the club what it is today.