Intro to Community Coaching (ICC)

Active Start (AS) | Community Coaching Introduction (ICC)

Who should take the course?

  • Anyone who wishes to start coaching
  • If you want to become a volunteer parent coach
  • If you’re interested in an instructor position with our Ski School (s’cool) program, where school groups between grades 3-5 come to Sovereign for lessons.

Community Coaching Introduction training is completed in two steps, taken in order.

1. Coach Initiation in Sport
This one-hour online multisport course is delivered by the Coaching Association of Canada in the Locker.
This one-hour NCCP module is available online through the CAC Locker

Cost: $15.

2. Introduction to Community Coaching
Also delivered in the Locker , this four-hour online course teaches parents and entry-level coaches how to safely deliver skill development sessions to children in the Active Start stage of development (Bunny rabbits).

Topics include:

  • ethics in sport
  • coach responsibilities
  • setting up an effective ski playground
  • using terrain to teach technique
  • ski equipment and clothing needs for children
  • After completing these courses, coaches have the status “Community Coaching in Training.” Coaches can now move to Community Coaching (CC) or Competition Coaching Introduction (CCI-L2T).

Time & Location: 4 hour online module

Cost: $52.00 (CCC/CCBC members price)

*Fee will be covered by SLNC if you are an active member wishing to volunteer as a coach.

Date: anytime

Register: Register for NCCP Active Start course